Thursday, 29 January 2009

Primark & New Look Hauls

I was supposed to tell you about the haul I got from my last shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. Here it is (if I can remember everything).
Primark: I wasn't overly impressed. I went in search of this dress (below) that I saw in Look magazine, but they didn't have it. They rearranged my local and I feel there is less space for the part I like to shop at (dresses mainly), but lots more room for jackets and knitted cardi's, tops and jumpers which I'm not interested in. Anyway I did pick up some dresses, a Cadburys purple satin number, which is a bit of an awkward length, but at £5 it is fine for wearing around the house. I tried on a cream dress with huge, voluminous, almost pleated sleeves. The actual dress part isn't particularly flattering on me so although I bought it I may take it back, however I adore the sleeves. I got it in black (they only had a smaller size and I couldn't be bothered trying it on as well) and although it fits, you don't notice the fabulous sleeves so much. Have you seen the frill dresses with waist tie and button front (above)? Well, I already have 4 shades (cobalt blue, aqua, charcoal and pink), but picked up a black one this time as I love the fit. The accessories were reasonably good, I got lots more tights which I need like a hole in the head, but you can't beat the prices at Primark; black with white floral design, sheer black with back seam, purple lacey, navy blue ones with a floral pattern in the same colour, kinda shiney-ish, also got them in pink and I think that was it. I also got a pearl hairband (£1!!!), I think I might add a big bow to it to make it Chanel-ish. A black satin bow brooch (£1), vintage looking pearl brooch (£2), black satin bow hairband and lots of plain hairbands and kirbi grips that I'm going to customize. New Look: Some of the S/S stuff looked interesting in here. I've already told you about all the fringed shoes I saw and here's a scanned image of the pair I got (top). I also got this dress (above). Now I love the print, but I'm not keen on the shape. It has odd boxy sleeves, a buttoned up back and an elasticated waist. I think it's probably meant for more of a boyish figure and I definitely don't have that, but I really want to keep it for the glorious kitsch print. I also got a blue jersey dress with floral print, which is really comfortable, a gorgeous black frilly floral dress (below), which is quite short, so great to wear with leggings. The image of it really doesn't do it justice, it's very floaty and lovely. My favourite piece though is this navy dress (bottom). Again it has a buttoned back, full skirt and is very vintagey looking, all were £25 each and I'm a pretty happy bunny with them!

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