Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Another Award Show

'Award Season' used to fill me equally with dread and excitement. When I had my Celeb Style website it was a huge project for me to collect all the award show images, categorise them, edit and re-size them etc etc. As much as I loved doing so, there was so much work to be done within a short timescale. It was important to put the piece together while the event was still fresh and of course, the next week there was another event to report on and the hard work started all over again. This year I don't have to report on it and I expected to miss the excitement of seeing who wore what, but if I'm honest I haven't. I am also surprised at how little I blog about celebrity events or outfits here, considering my history with Celeb Style. Perhaps I just feel like a change or perhaps it's the fact that none of this years outfits have interested me enough to write about them. At the recent Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards there wasn't a single look that I admired. Angelina Jolie (top) is obviously stunning but the colour and shape of her outfit was so drab, the beautiful Penelope Cruz (above) went for safe and uninteresting black and although Eva Longoria tried (below), it was a look we'd already seen and the hair and makeup aged her beauty.
Meanwhile Kate Winslet (above), after a boring black dress at the Golden Globes, decided to go for a simple cobalt blue number. If I'm honest Kate bores me to death, she's very plain and to be the frontrunner for an Oscar, in my opinion she needs to up her game in the outfit stakes. I know she's a 'serious' actor and what she wears in real life shouldn't matter and I admit, I detest when (mainly American) reporters only ask 'who are you wearing?' with no interest in anything else. However I am disappointed when nobody even tries to push the boundaries a little and go a bit 'out there' with their style of dress. We've all seen the red or black floor length numbers a million times and it's so refreshing to see something different, but from what I've seen so far, I doubt we will, even for the Oscars.

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