Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The dreaded V day

I hate Valentine's Day. Well actually I hate February as a whole, it's miserable, grey, cold, nothing happens and people always die in February! I'm sure most will assume I hate Valentine's because I am single and don't have anyone to celebrate with. However they couldn't be further from the truth. I just despise what it stands for. Why should we be forced to feel romantic on one day of the year? I used to spew a little at those girls who would receive a huge bouquet of flowers at the office or the girl at school with the huge fluffy teddy on V day (you know who I mean!). It's certainly not envy, I find the whole thing embarassing. I can be very romantic and I'm sure if I did have a boyfriend, I would leave gifts for him and little notes etc without being told that this was 'the day' to do so and also it would be private, between us, and not something to show off to the rest of the world 'look at my tacky teddy with heart, I have a boyfriend'!!
With that said, I do love the new stock at Punky Pins (top) and Lady Luck Rules (above and below). They are on the right side of kitsch; pretty jewellery to wear or give to that someone special. The personalised neon name necklace is bound to be popular and I love the glossy lips necklace both from PunkyPins. At Lady Luck Rules, I love the French Kiss and Lipstick Lovers chains. The Love Tokens necklaces are a little bit of cute, vintage charm and all would look gorgeous, worn any day of the year!

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