Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Swatches: Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick

The concept behind these lipsticks is really cute. Named 'Docteur Glamour' they contain mango and shea butters for intensive moisturising treatment and are packaged like a little bit of medicine for the lips! Boxed, which is unusual for Bourjois or any drugstore brand, the lids are the same colour as the lipstick (sooo handy, thank you Bourjois), with a little silver ball on the top like an old medicine bottle. The tapered silver casing looks very clinical, like a syringe or something. Personally I expected these to lack colour and feel more like a lip balm in stick form. However, I wouldn't give up wearing lip balm for this, as I haven't found them to be overly moisturising when my lips have been needing it. I wanted a thicker cream like consistency. Some colours are actually very pigmented, while others have slight shimmer and are more sheer.
18 Blouse Blanche is the lightest shade and looks a very pale ivory in the tube, it comes out a white iridescent shimmer which I definitely wouldn't wear alone.
10 Beige Fievreux is a pale beigey nude which looks perfect in the tube, but could do with more pigmentation on the lips, as it's quite sheer.

17 Rose Requinque is a peachy, coralish pink, again quite sheer and comes out a warm pink shade.
15 Fuchsia O Bobo is a dark fuchsia pink, slight frost finish, much more pigmented than the others.
19 Brique Secouriste contains no shimmer and is a brick red-brown, satin finish and very pigmented.
16 Lilas Ausculte a sheer lilac pink.

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