Thursday 22 December 2022

Festive Beauty 2022: Day 19

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I realise I'm several posts behind, I knew it would happen. I have such good intentions, but clearly am unrealistic about what I can manage! Anyway, last time I shared the current season Dior Vernis including the top coat. I still haven't had the chance to do my nails, I've broken almost all of them over the past few weeks and keep meaning to do them, but never have time. Today I have another current season item, because my Kiko order from November arrived yesterday! It's taken nearly a month, but 'tis the season for strikes and delays in 2022. Remember to check the bottom of each post for a little online treat and head over to The Shoe Girl Diaries where I'm blogging Irregular Choice festive shoes.
Joyful Holiday is the 2022 Kiko Milano Christmas collection and this is the Enchanted Duo Blush. The packaging as always, is beautiful. Everything is in mirrored gold or this deep wine-red. I had to darken and dull down the photo below in order to make it closer to how it looks in real life. The other images are spot-on though. It's not got a shiny finish, but does have shimmer throughout, so has a lovely frosted sheen when you look closely. The dots are raised and in a star pattern.  The compacts do feel quite light and if I'm being really honest, a bit cheap, however their aesthetic more than makes up for it.  This is what fun, festive makeup collections should look like.  
The little bow is a cool and cute detail, it can be taken off entirely or else it makes the compact look like a bauble. You could either hang it with the bow next to the compact or pulled through so the bow is above and the compact dangles. I'm not sure which is the intended way, both look fine to me.
Inside, the blush has a base colour, then a raised star in a different shade, hence the 'duo' in the name. The base colour has a beautiful frosty shimmer up close, it was mega sparkly under my phone torch. My shade is 02 Elegant Rose, a deep-ish pink with the star being a lighter, more muted pink.
And, yes I got the highlighter and no, I didn't have time to photograph it for this post or the lip products and eyeshadow (drool) that I got, but here's a sneak peek of the highlight next to the blush.  
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