Saturday 24 December 2022

Festive Beauty 2022: Day 20

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In the run up to Christmas, I've been blogging beauty releases from Christmas collections past and present. Last time, I shared the star embossed blush from Kiko's 2022, Joyful Holiday collection. There's an online offer at the bottom of each post as a little treat and over on The Shoe Girl Diaries I'm sharing my Irregular Choice Christmas shoes.
This is Jingle G by Harajuku Lovers, which was a limited edition fragrance and bottle from 2011. Harajuku Lovers were Gwen Stefani's dancers named Love, Angel, Music and Baby (L.A.M.B.). Gwen had both L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers brands with clothing, shoes, accessories and fragrances.
HL launched with 5 fragrances, each available in two sizes (10ml and 30ml). They were Gwen, known as G and each of her dancers (Angel was L'il Angel). So for almost every new launch, 5 new fragrances and bottle designs would be released. However for this Christmas line, there was just G, only available in a 10ml size.
The doll figure is the lid with the fragrance housed in the small glass bottle at the base. The tag reads Happy Holidays from Harajuku Lovers! We hope you enjoy wearing the Jingle G fragrance. Add a little kawaii to your holidays by using this super cute cap as a holiday ornament for years to come. That's exactly what I've done every year since, as I used up the fragrance quickly. She has a velvet ribbon attached, so you can hang her or she can stand alone or on the perfume bottle.
Described as an amber floral fragrance with notes of white star fruit, tangerine, gardenia, jasmine and a vanilla, cedar base among other things. I actually really liked this scent, so much so, that I (easily) used up mine and my sister's bottle years ago. I obviously bought HL mainly for their adorable bottles and among the 5 you hoped you'd like at least one, but you never knew!  The original L'il Angel was another favourite, very fruity (which usually wasn't what I went for), but it was lively, juicy and yummy.
It's an EDT and unfortunately doesn't last as long as I'd like or have that much projection, but you know what smells exactly like it? Moschino Gold Fresh Couture and it's an EDP, so is a touch stronger and longer lasting. I instantly recognised it when I smelt it for the first time recently.  So if Jingle G was one you liked, Moschino Gold is the dupe for you.  I actually managed to find a tester bottle of Jingle G (shown below) years ago, a huge 100ml, so I was sorted!  I even found the tester spray cards in the shape of Jingle just know I don't throw anything out!
I love the rosy cheeks and metallic lips on G here and really love that they made her into a keepsake decoration rather than something that's thrown away once it's finished.
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