Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Disney Frozen Colour Match Bag

I won this Disney Frozen Colour Match Bag in a competition last month and I don't exactly have much need for a plastic toy bag, but the box was too bashed to donate as a gift. I'll likely give it to one of my friends who have girls, next time I see them, though if my nephews see it first, I'm sure they'll be off with it! disney frozen colour match bag

Frozen fever is still going strong however many years since it's release and if I remember correctly Barbie launched a similar product last year. This Frozen bag is more of a toy than a handbag. It's made of sheer blue plastic, snowflake shaped with a white centre and a button in the middle featuring Anna and Elsa. You press this button and the white section lights up, colour matching to anything you desire. Your coat, your skirt, your top, the world is your oyster! disney frozen colour match bag disney frozen colour match bag disney frozen colour match bag
It works with this small camera in the top back of the bag. You place the lens over the object you wish to colour match and press the button on the front to capture the colour and it recreates it. In the box, there's a colour wheel that you can try it out with, so I was excited about this before I even opened it. Now it was the most difficult thing to capture on camera, impossible even. I tried different positions, in darker places, with my DSLR, my phone and I just couldn't get it. The colour and light is very bright and bold (and a solid colour) in real life, but it looks wishy-washy here, so take note. disney frozen colour match bag disney frozen colour match bag Apparently the bag can match over 100 colours and I'd agree slightly. It won't match black or grey (though some would argue they aren't colours anyway) and like a real camera, bolder purple tends to come across as blue and lilac is like grey, hard to match. It's great at pinks, yellow looks fantastic as did lime. I've had varieties of blue and green, sometimes red is more orange, but it can attempt paler or lighter colours as well as the brights. It's gimmicky, but addictive. You can't help but say "oh, would it manage this? Could it match with that?" and run around the house grabbing objects of different colours (items in the fruit bowl were my favourite). disney frozen colour match bag disney frozen colour match bag disney frozen colour match bag disney frozen colour match bag
As a bag, it's not exactly convenient. The back half flips down, but between the battery pack (takes 3xAAA which come included), the camera and the screws etc attaching the front to the back, there's not much room to hold things and it's an odd, misshapen space, likely to get objects stuck between things. Though kids don't exactly carry around all that we do. There is an off/on switch inside and the light goes off itself after a wee minute, so it's a bit misleading that you can't set the colour and keep it at that all day if you wanted. disney frozen colour match bag
It would score low for practicality as a handbag and I'm not totally convinced of it's boast of matching over 100 colours. However kids will have fun trying and you can't help but be fascinated by it's colour changing ability. It's easy for any child to use and it'll definitely keep them amused. It's got £10 off right now and you have until 10pm on 23rd December to order for Christmas. What do you think, would you like a bag that magically matches your clothing?

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