Monday, 7 December 2015

Irregular Choice Rudolph Santa Heels

irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes
I'm over the head with work just now, so rather than make you wait days for these photos and reviews (which I know you're dying to see), I've split them into more manageable, separate posts and will blog one each day. I took the photos yesterday when my order arrived, but as I began the always daunting task of whittling them down and editing them, it became apparent I wasn't going to get it all done today (I'm sure you can imagine), so I'm beginning with Rudy or Rudolph (more on that later).
irregular choice rudy rudolph trixy bunnykins shoes
As you're probably aware I already own the original Santa heels, Dreamy. I was never overly enamoured with the actual shoe, but loved the heel (we're big on Christmas in our house), however whenever I saw 'Rudolph', these were exactly as I envisioned 'Christmas shoes'. Like Squeezy, the uppers are just as exciting as the heel. Now they came out in Japan and the USA first and were named Rudolph. However when they eventually (!) launched here, they were called Rudy (which is really cute). The box however, calls them Rudolph! Confusing. So I think I'll call one foot Rudy and the other Rudolph and that settles it!
irregular choice rudy rudolph santa trixy unicorn bunnykins bunny heels
I'll begin with the heel, because you have seen it before. It's the same mould as the gnome, 4 1/2" and glazed (shiny). He's wearing a traditional Father Christmas outfit in bright red with white trim and his black boots and belt. I've said this before of my other styles of this heel, but I'd love to take them to get re-heeled, when technically you are asking for his boots to be re-soled, too cute! His skin is a different tone to the yellow-ish gnome and he has white eyebrows and rosy cheeks. These heels are one of (if not the smallest) base you'll find in character heels, which tend to be chunkier. irregular choice santa heel irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes heel detail irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes heels side irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes heel close up
The shoe itself is a slip on court with an upturned almond toe and small concealed platform. I found it to be around an inch (they are usually 3/4"), so that reduces the heel height to a very manageable level for most people. The uppers are made of the same soft, furry material as Squeezy (it took some 10 minutes to prise them out of my sister's hands as she 'cuddled' them).  They have an embroidered mouth, googly eyes (they do rattle as you walk) and being Rudolph he needs a bright (in this case metallic) red nose. His bronzed, metallic antlers sit up against your foot in the 'inside' of the shoe and there's red trim around the shoe to finish it off. irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes front irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes heels irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoe side irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes toe irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes face
The inside is the lovely soft floral velvet and the outer sole the woodland animals from this season and they come in the beautifully illustrated forest box. I felt out of the three styles I bought, these looked the biggest straight out of the box and I was right, they are the roomiest of the bunch. I sized up, even though my Dreamy heels are quite big on me. Squeezy I tried in both sizes, but Rudolph are a totally different shape, with the former featuring a much lower heel, no platform etc, so couldn't really be used as a guide. I maybe could've gone for my usual size, but they would've required some stretching I suspect. irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes insole irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes sole
Due to my health, we've had to make some changes to Christmas this year (we usually go to my sister on alternate years), so instead they are coming through to us, but going home for their main meal. I suspect no matter if I'm in my jammies or dolled up, these will be on my feet on the big day.  It's just a pity, I'm not able to get out wearing them this time. I'll have my second part tomorrow (haven't made my mind up yet if it'll be the bunnies or unicorns) and I've also taken comparison shots of the heels next to each other, so there's plenty still to come. What do you think of these though?


  1. These are so cute! I almost wish I could wear high heels. I shall live vicariously through you instead. :)

    1. I now need to rearrange the shoe room (again) to squeeze them in!

  2. They are very pretty!! Furry shoes sound like a great idea!!x

  3. I'm kind of freaked out by the gnomes to be honest, although I really like the fronts. Cute Rudolph nose!

  4. Aww the reindeer shoes are amazing! I need these!

  5. I'm so sad I didn't see them last year :(


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