Saturday, 12 December 2015

Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

soap and glory the whole she bang set
I thought you might be interested in seeing my Soap & Glory It's The Whole She-Bang set I got yesterday, rather than stock photos. I wrote about the contents in this post the other day so shan't repeat all the details here, but it's the Star Gift of the week at Boots until Thursday.
soap and glory boots star gift soap and glory the whole she bang rodnik case soap and glory the whole she bang rodnik case inside
I got mine in my local store, but they still have stock online, if you don't fancy lugging it home yourself! The contents are worth around £70, the set usually costs £60, but is down to £30 for this promotion and remember it comes in a special edition case. I'd actually forgotten my Auntie had given me a gift card last year, that still had £15 on it, so I used that and got mine for £15! soap and glory the whole she bang soap and glory the whole she bang set products soap and glory the whole she bang contents
I absolutely love the Sexy Mother Pucker colour included (pity it's only 4ml as it's limited edition with this set), it's the perfect milky pink. It's not that pigmented on the lips unfortunately, bordering on colourless, which I happen to find with most shades like this, that I salivate over in the tube! If I could get that exact milky colour on my lips, I'd be a happy bunny. It's quite sticky and gives a little sting a couple of minutes after application (not for a couple of minutes, after, and only briefly). I actually really like when lip plumpers hurt! I have this weird addiction to it where I want to apply more and more once the sting wears off and I really dislike when they don't 'do' anything (looking at you Lancome Gloss in Love Volumizer)! I need it to feel like it's working and while SMP isn't the most 'potent', it's pretty good. soap and glory sexy mother pucker rose and shine soap and glory limited edition sexy mother pucker
My only disappointment, was the inclusion of a voucher for a free 30ml sample of Face, Soap & Clarity. I went on the website immediately and all the samples had gone! It did say in small letters 'while supplies last' hence my haste, but I would've expected there to be some remaining on the first day this set was available! I was entered into a competition to win one of 10 full sized bottles instead, but the chances of everyone who missed out winning one of those is slim.  That said, it wasn't advertised as part of the set, so although disappointing, it's not a deal-breaker. The other half of the voucher is for 50% off the same item. Here's a closer look at the bag and it's contents... soap and glory rodnik vanity case soap and glory hand food heel genius soap and glory clean on me the righteous butter soap and glory scrub of your life sunkissed body lotion soap and glory peaches and clean cleansing milk soap and glory thick and fast mascara sexy mother pucker lipgloss
I personally get good use out of everything included and of course there is the option to separate the set and give things as gifts if you wouldn't use them, as they are full size.  Did you manage to snag a set or do you fancy it?

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  1. It looks nice but I haven't tried Soap and Glory as I try to avoid bath products with Sodium Laureth Sulfate in them and I suspect these would have them as most mainstream products do.x

    1. Ah yes, I believe some of the products do contain that.

  2. Lovely box and I love your nutcracker!:)))


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