Monday, 29 December 2014

Pre Christmas ASOS Haul

ASOS have been quite generous with discount codes over the past couple of months, so I've been ordering rather regularly. I thought I'd share some of my purchases, starting with a smallish order a couple of weeks ago, which included the wiggle dresses I reviewed last week (Tall and winter floral crepe ones). Holding Skinnydip popcorn bag

First up is this SkinnyDip Popcorn bag £25, now out of stock. Actually it was out of stock for ages and I'd been long-time stalking it. By sheer luck there was one, the moment I ordered. Well actually it had been in stock and someone must've added it to their basket right as I started shopping, so I had to slowly order the rest of the stuff and wait until it was available to buy again and snap it up before they checked out! I didn't quite believe I'd get it, until it was delivered! I have another SkinnyDip bag, which I don't think I've shown you yet, but I'm making my way through these posts, so it'll be coming up soon.  I'm very pleased with their quality anyway.   Skinnydip popcorn bag front Skinnydip popcorn bag side Skinnydip popcorn bag detail Skinnydip popcorn detail Skinnydip logo
The 'popcorn' is embroidered and I love the bright pink striped 'popcorn bag'. It comes with a long chain strap and closes with a zip. Dare me to take this to the cinema? Holding New Look Snowman Bauble Clutch
Do we fancy another bag? Yeah my obsession with handbags has been MAJOR this year. You know I have a ton of these clutches...well actually you probably don't because that's another unwritten haul post to come! The one I hadn't got was the snowman. Kinda because it's a long-standing joke in our house that I'm always the snowman. I never chose that, but if we have glasses, plates, mugs, chocolates, stockings, anything with 'options' of Santa, reindeer etc, I always get the snowman. My family know it annoys me, so it's now become a "let's give Gemma the snowman, her favourite" joke! So I didn't buy the New Look Snowman Bauble Clutch £12.99. Then I kinda thought he was quite cute and as he was reduced to £9 (plus 20% off) I ordered it. New Look Snowman Bauble Clutch New Look Snowman Bauble Clutch detail
I was pleasantly surprised to see he was glittery. I hadn't realised that from the stock images. His eyes and mouth are embroidered and his carrot nose is a piece of fabric. The glitter is fine and not the chunky kind that falls off everywhere and sticks to your hand. ASOS ankle socks
Onto socks now. You know I'm not a massive socks fan, given my choice of footwear, it's tricky to wear them. However I'm rather fond of these thin, printed ones (I have loads of Primark pairs).  Not quite sure how I'll wear them, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.  ASOS brought out two designs which sold out the same day (and made me panic), then they came back in stock again...though this pair have since sold out.  They are My Little Pony £5 and oh so pretty.  Colourful vintage ponies, pegasi and unicorns all over.    ASOS My Little Pony ankle socks ASOS My Little Pony socks
Then we have rather dashing Ken ankle socks £5.  Wow, I love his nude wait, he's just naturally got glossy, perfectly nude lips, hmm! He's still in stock, but I'm not sure if the ponies will be back-you might have to stalk them in the hope of some returns.    ASOS Ken ankle socks front ASOS Ken ankle socks
Along with my wiggle dresses, I ordered a sale dress, this ASOS maxi tea dress in floral pastel print £25.  I wasn't sure it would fit (an 18 from the main range), but at £20 (with 20% off) down from £60, it was worth a try.  Actually it's now reduced to £12, which is a ridiculous bargain!  It's really lovely.  There's ample room for my bust and handy elasticated sections at the waist which helped.  The V neck is too low cut for me to wear without a camisole underneath, but I was just quickly trying it on the photo below.  It's definitely more for summer, but I'm happy to pack it away until the warmer weather hits.
Wearing ASOS floral maxi tea dress
So that's it for my ASOS haul, anything you like here?

Post contains affiliate links.  All items were bought by myself, with a 20% off code.  


  1. I hadn't realised the snowman was sparkly either! Oh my, I want it now. :) xx

    1. Very fine glitter, but I was pleased as I expected it to be just white.

  2. I love the popcorn clutch bag, it's so cute and comic like!

  3. Great haul! I especially love those unicorn socks!


  4. ah, the popcorn bag is amazing, I like it far better than my one :(

    1. Is that the one with the satin top, Kate Spade-ish was it? Have been eyeing it on eBay for AGES!

  5. I love the dress (just clicked the link- damn, I only spent my remaining ASOS gift voucher two days ago on things I wasn't so fond of!) and the popcorn bag is amzing!

    1. Aw : ( Pity-it is a total bargain, really lovely too.


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