Friday, 12 December 2014

Bought & Thought

Wearing ASOS winter floral wiggle dress
This dress was half price for one day only, so I took the opportunity to snap it up, having had my eye on in for a couple of weeks.
It's the ASOS wiggle dress in winter floral print £65, which I'd so far managed to resist. As you know I'm a major fan of these dresses, though with the variations in fabric and sometimes shape, the fit is hit or miss with me. I'm not sure why they don't make these for the Curve range, it's a pity, someone should definitely get on that! So I ordered an 18 and suspected it would fit like the mint floral print one, remember that I got stuck in?  The fabric (100% cotton) has the same feel, quite rigid, no stretch and a textured woven look.  The pattern is brilliantly described, it's a big, bold floral but definitely has that winter feel to it.  The length (quite a bit below the knee on me) and front neckline is similar to previous ones, though this one has a V back unlike the original.  There's the usual side darts on the bust and tucks at the waist, side pockets and non-cuffed sleeves (the older styles used to be cuffed, the newer ones tend not to be).  There's a centre back zip and seeing as I was trying this on alone, I knew to be wary of getting stuck in it this time.  Sadly, it didn't fit.  I tried it over my head with the zip closed, but quickly realised that wouldn't work, so instead unzipped it.  I only got the zip closed about an inch or two for this photo.  It wouldn't go beyond my waist and there was no way it was going up, over my boobs!  So, I've already returned it.  It's a shame because I just love those dresses, but have to try each one out because they don't all fit the same.  I'm sure it won't be my last anyway!  I did mention this deal on my Facebook and Tumblr at the time, did you manage to get it, do you like this dress? What do you think of the quote?         Bought & Thought quote
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  1. What a stunner!!! I adore florals set on dark background. In fact, I have a 1980s does 40s/50s style dress in similar hues that I used to wear so often a few years back, I actually had to make a point to vary my daytime wardrobe a bit because I was starting to worry that the mail carrier thought I only had one dress. :D

    I hope you're doing well and having a stellar holiday season, gorgeous gal!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica. Haha, yes, there are times I too could wear one item to death but have to make a point of opting for something else. Hope you have a lovely Christmas x


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