Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bought & Thought

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas? Our house was pretty quiet and I got to spend the day in my jammies because I was too tired to get dressed. I got lots of lovely things, including loads I didn't know about (Santa had a little help this year, getting my main pressie). On Boxing Day, my sister and her family came and it was manic. All three of my nephews went from nice to naughty at different points throughout the day and they were staying over (minus their Mum and Dad), so there was no let-up. Too much noise for too long and I've been knackered since! I'm glad to start getting back into my routine, beginning with a new Bought & Thought. Wearing Lily Loves Littlest Things Nails by Elegant Touch

These were (and still are) my Christmas nails. It's been really difficult for me to go a whole year without painting my nails-I've hated it. However the constant upkeep of removing and applying polish would be far more than I'm capable of right now, so I've just had to deal with it. I saw these Lily Loves Littlest Things Nails by Elegant Touch £8 and thought they'd make a nice change to my horrid bare nails this Christmas. With illness my nails seem to be in even worse condition than usual and I know nail varnish usually strengthens them against breakages, so they've been breaking a lot without it. Thankfully that meant they were short enough for falsies, as these have quite tapered sides. I absolutely adore them. I popped them on after opening my presents (I do have a brain) on Christmas morning with the nail glue provided in the pack. I have rather large nails, but managed to find sizes (and a variety of colours) for both hands. They were super easy and quick to apply (put glue on your nail, then angle the false nail down onto it), the longest time was spent picking out and arranging the nails into an order I was happy with. Apparently they can last up to 10 days. I've accidentally pinged 3 off, but glued them back on and they seem pretty firm. They are stiletto shaped (which I love) but possibly quite long for most people. I surprised myself by being able to log into Facebook and emails without typing the wrong password and I've managed to write this post! I use an old fashioned chunky keys keyboard, but the flatter keys on my sisters laptop were much easier. I think it's the things you expect to be tricky aren't, then other things like flossing or drying your hands on a towel are more of a challenge!  It does feel a bit strange at first, but you get used to it.  I can't tell you how happy I am though with pretty, sparkly nails.  A small thing like that can really make such a difference-I feel much more "me".  The gorgeous glitter (which is smooth on top unlike real polish would be, though a little rough at the sides) is far prettier than it looks above and the cut-out shapes are something that would be tricky and time-consuming (though achievable) with polish.  So although I probably wouldn't cope wearing them full-time, I'm definitely a fan of how quick and easy they are to apply and love that there's no drying time or smudging like painting your nails.  I'm also a fan of the stiletto shape which is quite difficult to achieve naturally with filing.  What do you think, like these nails? What about the quote? I find that's my shopping mantra...if I can't stop thinking about something, then it's worth buying.   Bought and Thought Quote
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  1. Ahrgh, I can never see your photos on my phone now so I'll just have to imagine them. Hope you has a great Christmas x

    1. Hmmm, I wonder why that is? Seems to have been since I changed the blog layout to 'read more' posts. I haven't changed the way I upload images though, so not certain why it would affect that.

      Ok, I've gone into mobile template and changed it from default to custom, wonder if that makes a difference or if it just changes the colours/layout.

  2. Replies
    1. We have new sign language in our house now...I wiggle my fingers and it means "help me, I can't do it with these nails"!


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