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Mega Review: ASOS Wiggle Dresses

Golly, I can't tell you the amount of half written posts I started last week. I keep finding something more important to write about, then ditch that for something else. I'm annoying myself! I've had ASOS orders arriving almost every day (not joking that much) and in amongst them has been even more 'wiggle dresses'. Uh-huh, more than the zillion I already have. So instead of dragging it out each week in Bought & Thought (which would likely last until next summer), I figured I'd do a massive compilation in one post with reviews of each one. A lot of these have gone into the sale right now (which is why I thought you'd appreciate a review now) and some have only come out in the past couple of days. I'm going to start with some of the more recent ones, because they are freshest in my mind and the amount of photos for older styles vary as I didn't have the foresight to know I'd write this post!ASOS bright winter floral jacquard mini wiggle dress wearing and details

ASOS mini wiggle dress in bright winter floral jacquard (£50) in size 18, it's made from this really thick and cosy fabric (actually too cosy, I was boiling only trying it on), 65% cotton, 35% polyester, it's woven looking on the back and looks quilted (padded) with the stitching around the floral pattern.  The sleeves felt longer than usual and had underarm gussets, but were not cuffed like older styles.  There was the usual waist tucks, waist darts (no side bust darts), a centre back zip and pockets.  This is the 'mini' wiggle dress, so it sat above the knee on me (5ft 5").  I could barely zip it up at all, it felt very small and uncomfortable.  I felt like the neck was choking me and the sleeves were in the wrong place (as if I'd put it on back to front) and the skirt was too tight.  It's a pity it didn't fit me better because I love the colours of this one and I think it's come across really well in these photos, but I'll be returning it.  Wearing ASOS blue paisley wiggle dress
ASOS blue paisley wiggle dress (£48) I ordered this in a size 18 with a 30% pre-sale discount I had (along with the one above) and it had just come out that day, which was lucky.  This one is much lighter, 100% polyester, drapey and quite thin.  I'll be honest and say the pattern wasn't my favourite when I saw it in the packet (navy with lighter blue floral/paisley print), but it doesn't fit me anyway.  It's got the usual high neckline, concealed centre back zip, pockets and tucks at the waist.  There's a waist dart but no bust dart and it has gussets underarm.  It also has pockets and sits below the knee, not quite mid-calf on me.  Again I could hardly zip it up as it felt really small, so I'll return it.     Wearing ASOS scratchy mono print with fold pockets dress
ASOS scratchy mono print with fold pockets dress (£48) I wasn't sure what to expect when this one came out, because of the new pocket detail.  I ordered it with a 20% discount code the other week and was actually pleasantly surprised when I tried it on.  Again it's a size 18 and is made from 'scuba' type material (96% polyester 4% elastane), though it feels thinner and softer than other scuba fabrics I've tried.  Despite being stretchy, it feels quite small.  I had a really visible belly outline which I wasn't comfortable with and would've had to hold my breath all day!  The pocket thing doesn't look too bad.  The pockets themselves are very shallow and unlikely to hold anything without it falling out and getting lost, but I didn't totally hate the 'sticky out' thing it was doing.  Perhaps if I'd had more room in that area, they'd have looked different, as the bit across my tummy was pulled quite tight.  It felt a little shorter than the other designs (just below the knee) and the sleeves were tighter (more fitted).  There were no darts as the bodice was princess line and no tucks at the waist (no room really with all that was going on with the pockets), had a high neck and back and a centre-back zip.  Given the colour and print, I don't think the fact it was a little too small was hugely noticeable and I did get this one on and zipped up the whole way.  I actually loved the shape it gave me, especially from behind, it really smoothed and gave me a nice shapely bum.  I think perhaps the pockets detracted from my waist though and added a little bulk where I didn't need it.  I've returned this one already.Wearing ASOS crepe winter floral dress
ASOS crepe winter floral dress (£50) size 18 this was another one that just came out, that I ordered with 30% off.  I wouldn't describe it as a 'winter' floral like ASOS did, it feels much more spring like.  It's an out of focus (like a pixelated pattern but not) graphic monochrome rose print but with flashes of bright green leaves and almost neon orange.  The 'brushed' fuzziness hurts your eyes a bit!  It's 100% polyester and feels like textured crepe.  It's got the usual neckline, waist darts, tucks below the waist, underarm gussets, concealed back zip, pockets and is the usual length.  I was surprised to fit this one.  I really didn't think I would (previous experience with this fabric).  Yes it's tight in the bodice (you can see the neckline being pulled downwards a bit), but it felt fine elsewhere.  I was a little annoyed that it looked like VBO in these photos-like my belly is protruding, but I was aware of this whilst taking the photos (was in the photo, wasn't in real life) and no matter how I stood it always looked the same.  I think it must be the placement of the print..doesn't bother me too much.  I think I'll keep this one because the colours and print are quite unique in my collection.          ASOS mini wiggle dress in bright floral with belt
ASOS mini wiggle dress in bright floral with belt (£22.50 sale) size 18, ah I've had my eye on this one for a long time, so snapped it up the sale, but had a feeling it wouldn't fit.  Again it's a mini dress, so sits above my knee.  I didn't even attempt a 'wearing' photo of this because I didn't try it on properly!  The fabric is gorgeous, that lovely coloured, floral print.  It's 100% polyester, but feels like silk, very thin (see-through when held up to the light) and drapey.  This one comes with a skinny turquoise belt (belt loops on the dress) and has the usual neckline with an invisible back zip.  There's underarm gussets, waist darts, no side bust darts and the usual waist tucks and side pockets.  There is neck facings but the "hems" on the sleeves and hem of the dress are loosely categorised as such! Merely overlocked, turned under and no more! The fabric is very flimsy, perhaps too flimsy for my body, even if it had fit. I'll be returning this one.      Wearing ASOS art deco wiggle dress
ASOS art deco wiggle dress (£25 sale) size 18.  I actually bought this one a while ago when I had a discount code, not sure when.  I wasn't convinced I'd like such a bold, art deco style print, but actually it was nicer than I thought on arrival.  The fabric is 55% cotton 45% viscose with little or no stretch.  It wasn't too thick, but quite heavy feeling.  This one has the usual high neckline at the front, but a lower V at the back, finished with a centre back zip.  There's no underarm gussets, so there is a side bust dart and the usual tucks at the waist and pockets.  I couldn't get this one zipped up all the way (or did I, but couldn't breathe?) and it felt too small, so I returned it.      Wearing ASOS Tall jersey wiggle dress size 20
ASOS Tall jersey wiggle dress size 20 (£42) erm, what do we have here, Tall getting an exclusive wiggle dress design that l'il short me wants? Not having that!  I instantly fell in love with this, but was gutted it was in the tall section (intended for 5ft 9" and over).  I've bought from the New Look Tall range before, but their hemlines are ridiculously short, so I did it in the hope of something a little more demure!  The wiggle dresses are already quite long on me, so I bought this with 'cutting it shorter and re-hemming' it in mind.  The ASOS Tall range goes up to a size 20 (in some items), which is nice to see.  I ordered both a 20 and 18 as I was unsure how they'd fit.  The 20 drowned me!  It was far too big, too long and had these strange jodhpur style hips.  Actually the fit of the bodice wasn't too bad, but the waist sat a lot lower than I'm accustomed to in these dresses, it looked unflattering actually.  Then yes, oodles of extra fabric in the skirt with a curved side seam that my hips were nowhere near to filling.  The whole thing just hung limply and looked terrible.  So I'll be returning this one.  Wearing ASOS Tall jersey wiggle dress size 18
ASOS Tall jersey wiggle dress size 18 (£42) I got on much better with the smaller size.  Unusually it's made from stretch jersey (100% cotton), so there was a little extra room if I needed it.  It's got the same high neck (but no facings) and an invisible zip in the centre back, side bust and waist darts, just one tuck either side below the waist (there tends to be two each side usually) and pockets.  There's no underarm gussets but the sleeves are relatively fitted, reaching to my elbow.  The waist was in a much better position this time and the length of the dress is a little longer than usual.  I'd say it's just on or below mid calf, so not too far off where it usually is.  The size 20 though was bordering on ankle length.  When I started to put this on, I thought it was going to be too small, but it seems to just fit into place once it's on properly.  It's a little tight across my bust but not uncomfortably so.  So I'll be keeping this one.  I might even wash it and see if it shrinks a little and won't need taken up.    Wearing ASOS pretty floral print dress
ASOS pretty floral print dress (£30 sale) size 18, I was unsure if a lighter colour like this would be flattering on me (I've previously returned a couple of light coloured wiggle dresses), but once it sold out in my size, I decided I really wanted it.  I stalked it and eventually it came back in stock a while back.  It's a good fit on me as it's an older style so not unlike my first ones (the black floral and navy polka dot) that started me on my love for this style.  It's got cuffed sleeves with underarm gussets, an invisible centre back zip, pockets and the usual tucks and waist darts.  It's cotton elastane, so there's a little stretch in it and this one fitted fine, so I kept it.  The belt is my own, I feel it needs something to break it up because it is quite a big block of light colour, but I think I'd pick a different belt (it was just the first one I saw).  ASOS bird wiggle dress and wallpaper wiggle dress
ASOS leaf print with v back (£24 sale) size 18, no shots of me wearing these unfortunately.  This pattern is along the same lines as the blue paisley one, navy with lighter print, this time flowers and birds.  It's lightweight, flimsy, 100% viscose and this one has the deep V back (but high neck at the front) and ties from the side of the waist around the back.  I'm not much of a tie fan, I suppose they have their purpose, but on a dress that should be fitted anyway, I feel it's unnecessary.  The underarm gussets are 'stuck on', kinda like they realised the original design had it and hadn't done it on this, so stitched some triangles on!  There's an invisible back zip and no pockets.  For me, this was missing too many of the original details and the fit was small (very visible tummy) though I think it zipped up all the way, so I returned it. On the right is the ASOS floral wallpaper wiggle dress (£24 sale) size 18, which again, I bought a while ago.  This was odd, because it had belt loops, but no belt (and isn't pictured with one on the site).  The fabric feels like a thick crepe (a polyester/elastane mix) and has some stretch to it.  There's pockets, underarm gussets (genuine ones) and like the bird one the sleeves are not cuffed.  Now, I decided to keep this one even although there was a bit of a big belly going on!  I'm pretty sure last year, it would've fitted fine, but with my lack of activity this year, the weight seems to have gravitated to my stomach!  Unfair, because I've hardly had any appetite all year!  However, I kept it because I think it'll fit at some point.  ASOS mini wiggle dress in floral bird print
ASOS mini wiggle dress in floral bird print (£22.50 sale) size 18, another one I've had my eye on for a while and never bought.  however when it went into the sale this week, I decided to get it at half price.  Obviously it's difficult to get a fair idea how it looks when it's so crushed (straight out the packet)!  It's a mini one, so again, it sits just above my knee (actually it seems slightly longer than the other mini ones in this post).  This one feels a lot looser in the bodice, with no shaping in the form of darts, but one tuck each side above the waist and the usual two below.  Stuck on, 'after thought' gussets again, which I photographed for you...they look kinda silly.  High neck and back, but no pockets and an invisible back zip.  It's 100% viscose and drapey, but not as thin feeling as the paisley one for example.  I'm unsure whether I'm keeping this one.  It appears to have a bit of a tulip shape to the skirt and I'm not keen on the excess fabric between the sleeves and bodice.  I'm not sure it's doing much for me, what do you think?      Wearing ASOS Curve big floral wiggle dress
ASOS Curve big floral wiggle dress (£60) size 18.  You'll recall I last reviewed this dress in the main range (and subsequently sent it back because it was too small) and said in that post that I wished ASOS would make this style in the Curve range.  How amazed was I that they added this exact dress, the day I had 30% off!  Now I was really unsure which size to pick, as an 18 in the Curve range can often be larger than an 18 in the main range and I wondered if a 20 would be too big (after my experience with the Tall dress).  It turns out this is very small, fitting exactly like the main range one.  I was surprised because the fabric is different, not woven, but a cotton/elastane.  I expected the fit to be like the original designs, however there's only 1% elastane and that doesn't stretch very far obviously!  The skirt is really tight, feels tighter than the woven one if I recall and again I could barely get it zipped up.  It's got the usual high neck and back, back zip, side and bust darts and tucks below the waist.  The sleeves are a lot shorter than the usual dresses and there's no cuff or gusset on them.  It does have pockets.  I'm actually even more fond of this in this fabric (I know the pattern is exactly the same), but that woven stuff isn't all that comfortable.  I'll be exchanging this for a 20 (and hoping that fits).

You can read my reviews of the animal print one (£25 sale), mint large floral print (£55) and mini summer floral (£24 sale), all of which are still available to buy.  I've also bought a few more a while back that I couldn't find pictures for (was sure I'd taken them at the time).  The blue and green floral print dress (£21 sale), fitted and I kept it.  The paisley scuba (£22.50 sale) was really comfortable and fitted well because it has stretch to it, but feels thick (96% polyester 4% elastane).  It has bust and waist darts, the sleeves felt a bit shorter, but otherwise had the usual neckline, pockets, length and back zip.  I wasn't overly keen on the pattern, but it's grown on me.  The butterfly print (£48) has a V back, 100% polyester, but a princess line bodice which doesn't fit that well on me-though I think I got it zipped up all the way.  I took notes at the time saying "no pockets" yet it's described on the site as having them.  I'm sure it didn't.  There's an invisible back zip and the bright butterflies are really pretty on the dark background, but I returned it.  I think that's it for current ones on site just now-I'm not going to count how many I've reviewed, because I'm guessing a lot!  As you can see it's hit or miss for me at the top end of the sizes whether or not they'll fit, but hopefully these reviews will give you an idea of the smaller ones.  Have you got any of these wiggle dresses, do you like them?

All dresses were purchased by myself.  Post contains affiliate links.          


  1. Wow, I didn't realize you had so many of these dresses! They look great on you :)

    1. Yes, confession time! I've probably tried at least a dozen more and have a few more I've kept that you've not seen! Thank you. How are things with you this week? x

  2. I didn't realise you had so many! Beautiful materials !x

  3. stumbled across this post looking for wiggle dress reviews. they look great on you!

    1. Thank you, I'm a big fan of their wiggles dresses, though the fit varies greatly between styles/fabrics.


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