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Haul: Love Moschino Charming Clutch Bags

Love Moschino charming clutch bags
I hadn't realised it had been so long since my last post, sorry folks!  Same old story, unwell again, definitely getting bored of telling that one!  I'm not mad on the prospect of 2015 going the same way as 2014, so send your positive healthy vibes my way please.  Anyway, I just have to continue doing what I can, when I can and I have loads of brilliant posts coming up over the next few weeks.  Starting with this Love Moschino handbag haul.
Last year was definitely the "year of the bags" for me-quite probably eclipsing shoes which is unusual!  I think I mentioned this somewhere (Facebook, Tumblr perhaps?), but a wee while before Christmas, I got an email with a pre-sale discount code for Moschino. I'd had my eye on several of the 'Charming' bags all season, so took the opportunity to snap them up. I don't know about you, but I feel all fancy when I know I have a package arriving from Italy-so much more exciting than ordering from a UK retailer! I knew exactly the prints I was after, but wasn't too fussed on the style of bag. As it was, there was very little stock left of the images I wanted, so my decision was made for me and I ended up with three clutches.  I'm not linking to the Moschino site further in the post, because all and any of the Charming collection have long since sold out, so I'll link to available items where possible.  The theme for this series, I suppose was holidays or trips around the world-I already have the pinky one with the girl coming off a plane with her little doggy (will show you that one soon).  Love Moschino charming clutch bags close up
So the first one I ordered was the motorcycle print and gosh is it cute. I hope I'm not showing my travel inexperience here, but I think I'm correct in guessing this one is Paris?  I have actually been to Paris, so I should know this one!  It looks like the Arc de Triomphe, rather than London's Marble Arch in front of them, though the cathedral behind them is a little spiky looking to be Notre Dame, but it could be a side view rather than the front with those square turrets we are accustomed to seeing.  Anyhow, there's always so much to look at on these bags and I love taking in every little detail. Remember my snow scene tote and the little ring on her finger? On this one, you can see the box of cigarettes about to fly out of the blonde's jacket pocket (not condoning smoking and certainly not whilst steering a motorcycle!) and their detailed shoes and branded scarf on the rider that lost her helmet (hmm, they aren't very safety conscious are they?), it's just brilliant.  You can find the small shoulder bag version of this print in the sale here.   Love Moschino charming motorcycle clutch bag Love Moschino charming motorcycle clutch bag detail Love Moschino charming motorcycle clutch bag close up
The second bag, I was a little hesitant in buying. The picture seemed very plain compared to the others and I wasn't as excited about it. However after looking at it up-close, it's pretty adorable and I'm glad I got it.  This one is widely regarded as Rome or Roma and you see a very excited and fashionable lady with the Colosseum in the background (phew I knew that one).  Off on a tangent, at Uni we used to go to this nightclub called the Colosseum.  It actually had fake 'paved' floors, 'scenic' murals around the walls and a (non-functioning) water fountain (which usually ended up with bottles, pee and the odd drunk in it): Rome in the Scottish Borders-yes a total dive but brilliant!  Back to the bag and don't let that pale, wishy-washy background make you think 'boring', there's heart shaped clouds if you look hard enough!  Hearts aplenty actually (well it is the Moschino motif), you see her heart shaped bun (and fabulously coloured hair I might add), heart shaped scarf and that cute heart print jumper dress.  One earring even has a peace sign and the other a heart, tiny details! I'd leap with joy and make heart shapes with my hands with all that love too!  You can find the makeup bag with this print in the sale here (and use code GIMME10 for an extra 10% off).  Love Moschino charming Rome clutch bag Love Moschino charming Rome clutch bag detail Love Moschino charming Rome clutch bag close up
This last one was a little harder to come by.  It wasn't initially launched with the others in this collection (or at least I didn't see it anywhere until afterwards) though it fits the travel theme, albeit a little less 'comical' than the others.  I really fell in love with this one when I saw it on the Moschino site and in the months following have seen it in very few places, so I was particularly keen to get my hands on it (and subsequently snagged the very last one).  I think we can all guess Venice as the location and a beautiful windswept redhead on the Rialto bridge (bag seems to be known as 'bridge').  Crap, it's just dawned on me, are they all based in Italy?  Hmm, perhaps that first one is a famous Italian arch then and not France at all!  I'm sure there are tonnes of pretty arches and cathedrals in Italy that could possibly be the setting for that one, oopsy!  Back to this one and it's much more colourful, with the background in full colour rather than muted like it is in the others.  There's a couple of gondolas casually floating by and yes, her hair is made from hearts.  We should all be so blessed.  I'm a lot in love with her heart printed dress and there's even a brooch on the collar, which I believe (without ruining my eyesight too much) says 'Love Moschino'.  Absolutely. Adorable.            Love Moschino charming Venice bridge clutch bag Love Moschino charming Venice bridge clutch bag detail Love Moschino charming Venice bridge clutch bag close up
All of the clutches are finished with a zip top and chunky cut-out heart, branded zip pull.  Inside (I forgot to photograph), they are lined and I can't remember off the top of my head, but they might have an inner pocket or maybe not.   Love Moschino charming clutch bags zip detail
They also come with a removable, clip-on strap to fit over your wrist.  The first and last came with soft green, the other with beige.  Love Moschino charming clutch bags straps
I think it worked out that I got one bag free and still saved on the others, so I was very pleased.  I was very tempted with another print I'd had my eye on, though not so keen on the style of bag that was left, so didn't buy it.  Santa however, got me it in my favoured style, so that was lucky* (*he may have had a little help).  I do have photos of that one (it's ridiculously cute), which I'll get up soon.  In the meantime, how do you like these pretty clutches?  Which is your favourite?

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  1. How nice these bags are! I have no idea where they are either!x

  2. Those are some gorgeous bags! Love the animations and the pastel colors will be great to welcome Spring (and the whole year actually, because pastels are awesome :)

    1. * btw how I mentioned my weird glitch with posting comments: I only seem to be unable to post comments when I try to do so logged in from my wordpress account. I not longer use my blogger account but it seems to be able to post comments. Just to let you know:)

    2. I've still been trying to figure it out and looked on help forums etc and nobody else seemed to be having the issue. There should NOT be any verification code, but it's really odd it won't let you do it from wordpress. Something had said it could be a recent change to your phone rather than the blog, but I don't think that would explain why it works for blogger but not wordpress. Glad you were able to comment anyway x

  3. I love them, they're so cute. I like the last one best of all. x

  4. Aw, I love them all but I think that the last one (Venice?) is my favourite.

    1. She's so pretty and there's lots of lovely colours in it.


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