Sunday, 25 August 2013

New Season Shoes

Have you seen the latest Melissa collaboration?  Karl Lagerfeld has lent his designing skills to the world of jelly shoes and while I think the collection is seriously fugly (ewww to the elongated pointy toes and boxy designs), there's one gem in the range. Based on the 'Incense' Melissa court, the heel features this gorgeous sparkly ice-cream complete with very life-like wafer cone.  The shoes are available in shiny or matte plastic and ASOS have the black (glossy), white with green ice-cream (glossy) and white with pink ice-cream (matte) £120 in sizes 3-8.  FarFetch also has the matte pink pair.  Kelly Osbourne has already been seen in the black pair, which just happen to be my favourite.  What do you think of them?
One brand that does a Melissa collab well, is Vivienne Westwood Anglomania.  I've been 'pawing' (you'll get the joke in a minute) over the new collection for months! There's completely new styles alongside updated favourites such as the Lady Dragons and elevated 3-strap.  The new style comes in the form of the famous Westwood 'animal toe' shoe replicated in a jelly court £150 (sizes 3-8).  ASOS have the brown leopard print and plain black flocked pairs.  Nonnon have the vanilla and brown leopard print, black, purple and turquoise flocked and metallic nude.  I personally prefer the shiny finish, but am also drawn to the leopard print.   
The elevated three-strap courts have been updated with a triple bow.  I feel it's completely rejuvenated this older style and I really like it.  There's nude, black, red and pearl (white-ish), Daniel (£159) and Nonnon (£160) have all four colours, ASOS (£160) have the black and red, while Vivienne Westwood (£160) have the nude, red and this beautiful sparkling pink (lilac).  
The most popular style is probably the Lady Dragon and I'm loving their makeover this season.  With a new lip print insole and gorgeous metallic puckered lips on the toe.  Available in sky (blue), blush (pinky beige), smoke (grey) and pearl (off-white), many online stores have this style including Nonnon (£132) and Daniel (£135) with all four colours, Vivienne Westwood are pricier at £155 and have all aside from the blue, while ASOS (£135) have the smoke and pearl.  
Finally, a little fyi, that Irregular Choice 'Chuckles' are now available in burgundy at Office (£99) or in black from Zalando (£110) if you missed out on them at Irregular Choice.  I recommend sizing up on these as I found them very small.  Shoes are just having to go on my wishlist for now as I'm not allowed to buy any more...I can see that list growing considerably over the next few months though!  What about you, see anything here you fancy?  

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  1. Those ice cream cone shoes are amazing. I can see you rocking the black pair. I, however, would just look like a baby giraffe. Haha. I always get shoe envy with you!

  2. I agree - I like the black ones best! I want them, but I want someone else to pay! Lol
    I also agree that the square toes in the range are not attractive! Round toe is the way to go if you ask me! Xx

    1. Heehee, me too, jelly got so expensive all of a sudden! I'm sure my first VW lady Dragons were only £75 rrp.

  3. The ice cream and VW heels look amazing!


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