Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Three Dresses For Under £15

Where can you buy a dress for under £15? Y'all just yelled "Primark" at me, didn't you? How about three dresses for under £15? Anybody? Well, SheLikes has come up with the novel idea of a 'Minimum Wage Dress' collection with prices starting at just £3.68. For a dress!
The dresses are available in limited numbers and come in a variety of colours. I'll start cheapest first, with this knotted front 'Nathalia' number. It comes in 'cream' (looks 'white' to me), black, lime or coral and although I doubt it would cover my bottom, where else can you get a dress for only £3.68??
The "Student Minimum Wage Dress" aimed at those aged 18-20, is 'Penni', this lovely skater skirted dress with cap sleeves. It's available in black, royal blue, 'cream', red and coral for an incredible £4.98.
Finally for those minimum wagers aged 21+, how about the 'Paloma' contrast bodycon? Also known as "The Professional Minimum Wage Dress", it's available in blue, red, coral, lime and 'cream' for £6.19. Not bad for 60 minutes work!
You could buy all three for a remarkable £14.85. Given that I haven't worked in years, I'd be whooping if I got anything near £4 an hour (yes, it's really been that long)! My Mum is now laughing at my ignorance of 'how times have changed'!! Meanwhile I'm quite excited at the prospect of possible future earnings; coming home with more than £20 for an 8 hour day, like I used to. I've just worked out I would get around 50 quid for a minimum wage days work, wow! Joking aside (actually I really am that out of touch), it's great that there's something available if you need that mid week fashion hit without breaking the bank or that horrid gap before pay-day that seems to last forever. It's a great idea isn't it?

SheLikes delivery is £2.95 or free with orders over £40 and clothing comes in sizes 8-16.


  1. I like the last dress, especially the blue colour. I wonder what the quality is like? The cut of the dress reminds me f something from more expensive brands such as A X Paris x

    1. I mean lipsy & little mistress etc. head not with it today lol. X

    2. Yeah I agree they do look like that. Would've ordered some myself, but they wouldn't fit me.

  2. Think I just developed a girl crush on you, this is so healthy for my bank balance & my wardrobe haha x
    Thank you! xxx

  3. What incredible prices! Quite like that last dress...


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