Friday, 9 August 2013

Haul, GWP & Swatches: Clarins

I was quite impressed with my resistance to the Clarins sale last month. I lasted weeks. That was until they had an offer too good to refuse which came with a warning that there were literally only days left in the sale (ooh panic stations). I get some credit for trying though right?
I only bought sale items, so this is what I paid for below...
This is what I got free (below)...impressive no?
You get three samples of your choice with every order. I take the decision-making process in this very seriously (!), weighing the pros and cons of either getting a mini version of something I already like or something totally new. Not helped by the fact their sample choices are sooo extensive, it's brilliant! This time I went for three new things: Pore Minimizing Serum which had great reviews and I think I'd wanted to try this last time I placed an order. Hydra-Quench Cream-Gel to sort out my ravished skin from using the gel my doctor prescribed. I've used this one up fast! It's a really lovely formula, smells a bit strange but thankfully that doesn't linger and it's definitely helped with my thirsty dry patches. Finally the Daily Energizer Cream. I was impressed with the cleanser in this range and again it sounded like something suited to my skins needs from the reviews I read. I've actually just gone ahead and bought a full-size version of this without trying the sample first. I like the feel but the smell is a bit eugh, it reminds me of Mr Sheen polish or something and once it gets up my nose I can smell it all day (trust me, I've tried to hold my breath upon application). I've only used it a couple of times so far though, so maybe I'll get used to it.
As well as the samples (you get these with every order), I qualified for 4 travel sizes of my choice, which was the promotion that enticed me to order. These type of offers change every month or few weeks, so keep an eye out (there's currently 8 fabulous beauty kits to choose from when spending over £60). There wasn't as big a selection as the samples, but still ample to choose from. I opted for the Hand and Nail Cream which I've used before, along with the Foot Beauty Treatment Cream which I haven't tried (both 30ml). I also got a little Wonder Volume mascara (which I love) but top of my list was the cult Beauty Flash Balm (15ml)! I haven't used this in since the late 90's! I'm pleased to report I still love it and again have already purchased the full-size. I want to do an in-depth review of this at some point, but it's a gem of a thing to have in your beauty kit.
Add to that, this bargain set (left over from Christmas by the looks of the box), it contains a full size Multi-Active Day Cream (usually £40) with free travel sized Multi-Active Night (15ml) and Multi-Active Serum (10ml) all contained in a little vanity bag. This was in the sale for £28! I talked myself out of repurchasing Multi-Active at £40 thinking I shouldn't be quite so extravagant, but the whole set at £28 was value I couldn't ignore. I haven't tried the serum before, so will be keen to see if I love it as much as the day and night creams.   
My other sale purchases were makeup items.
I got this beautiful Odyssey Face Palette, which was limited edition a few seasons ago and had been on my wishlist for some time. It's pretty but not too pretty that I won't use it (I'm hoping). It's as beautiful outside as it is in and comes in a signature red velvet pouch.  This was £35 down to £21.  
The other three items were Rouge Prodige lipsticks. I got 105 Peach Sorbet, 123 Creamy Toffee and 124 Praline.  I'm loving how sleek the gold cases look all lined up!  
105 Peach Sorbet is a shade I'd usually steer clear of, as I'm not a fan of peachy or coral lips. However this one is a lovely colour that's not garish or bright. I'd describe it as a dull browny orange (wow, making that seem really appealing). You'll see how pretty it is in my swatches later.
123 Creamy Toffee is (not surprisingly) my favourite of the bunch. It's a pale brown, which would definitely pass for a nude. I don't think it's as warm as 122 Nude which I already own and have compared with these three later. I think 123 leans a little more yellow and is sheerer, but the colours are very similar.
124 Praline is the darkest of the three (or four) and looks a medium to dark chocolate in the tube with visible shimmer. When swatched it's lighter, a warm brown and I can't see the shimmer.
The lipsticks feel so smooth and like butter or balm really. Their usual price is £18 and I got them for £10.80 each. As I just mentioned, I've added my 122 Nude into the mix (it's the easy to spot, used one!) and here's the swatches (two without flash in different lights and one with flash).
My order was dispatched and delivered (from Belgium) within days (with free shipping) and I also earned myself some more loyalty points on their website. I'd definitely recommend buying direct from them (I've never been disappointed thus far) and they always have fantastic offers. In other news, I'm doing a happy dance (well not really because I can barely stand today), because I ordered my Irregular Choice 'Chuckles' gnome heeled shoes! They've been dispatched too, so I should get them next week, yay!

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