Sunday, 4 August 2013

Haul: Paul & Joe

If there's one thing I love more than buying makeup, it has to be buying pretty makeup! I'm falling more and more in love with Paul & Joe for their retro-feel packaging and quirky limited edition pieces. It's pretty rare to find such gems here, outside of the Asian market. I must add that certainly from my experience, it's not all fabulous packaging and mediocre products inside.  They are pretty and perform well too, win-win!  So I was excited this week when an email popped up from ASOS declaring 'up to 30%' off select beauty brands for only 24 hours! Lucky I have my Premier account and ordered some bits with free next day delivery! 
Hand cream isn't usually a luxury item for me, but this pretty retro tin would have me rethinking that (usually £11.50, I got mine for £8). It comes boxed and as an exclusive to ASOS with a sample duo of day eye gel/night eye cream and this fantastic cat print makeup bag. How can anyone resist that? I'm a big fan of kooky animal prints and this one is fun and fabulous. I've just started a tube of Clarins hand lotion, so will wait until that's finished to delve into this one, although I have to admit a little bit of luxury might have escaped onto my hands the other evening. It feels wonderful : )
As if a cat makeup bag wasn't enough, this little duo popped up as new and exclusive to ASOS and I was surprised to see it was also on offer (£21 reduced to £14.50). Paul & Joe excel at incorporating animal cuteness into their products and cats have cropped up time and time again. The Blusher Stick (in 003 Catfight) has to be one of the most amazing looking makeup items ever made. Inside the beautiful retro pearlised case is a twist tube (much like a lipstick) adorned with the cutest little moggies I've ever seen.
It doesn't stop there, the actual blush stick is shaped like a kitty (complete with bow-tie and top hat, as you do), with his little face and whiskers carved into the stick. If you thought my carousel horse lipstick last week was grand, this is on another level! I bought this with the intention that I'd probably never be able to use it and now that it's opened and I've seen just how fantabulous it is, I'm not sure I can bring myself to ruin it. As a collector, it's one of those pieces that I just had to have.
Perhaps now that I have decent photos of it though, I could maybe use it. Maybe. Would or could you? For now it's going on the pile of 'too pretty to use' makeup, next to my fancy Lancome powders, Dior limited edition items etc etc! I thought you might like to see it alongside that P&J carousel lippie and also a P&J lipstick in 066 Clair de Lune from 2010, which has remained unused.
Exquisite aren't they? I did mention this came as a duo (you can buy the blush stick on it's own for the same price, so it seemed silly not to get this), with an exclusive fold-up tote bag covered in the spring 2013 cat print to match my makeup bag! How neat is that? The bag is actually a lot bigger than I expected once it's unravelled from it's pocket, so I only have a 'folded up' photo.
Cute cats aside for one moment, as I delve into the limited edition summer range and this beautiful nail enamel in 032 Caribbean (£12 reduced to £8.50). Remember how much I raved about the glorious Pixie sparkly shade last year? Well I've been on the hunt to try another ever since, as I was blown away by the quality of that one. I've got a thing for greens just now, so Caribbean was screaming my name. It's a muted jade green.
Finally another gem from the summer range is this UV Pressed Powder (£28 for £19.50) in 003 Beach Baby. Again the packaging is just stunning with a glossy finished compact complete with mirror inside and luxurious feeling velvet puff. I love the floral lion/leopard/cheetah (?) image, it's so unique. The powder protects against UV rays and feels lightweight with a hint of shimmer.  I'm looking forward to wearing this.  
I ordered the lighter shade as I thought it would better suit my skintone. You'll be hard pushed to find the blended swatch on my hand, I know I can't see it!
I'm completely besotted with my little haul.  I love when products make you feel good, just by looking at them...and possibly stroking them!  All of these items would look splendid on a big ol' dressing table wouldn't they?


  1. oh my gosh they are all so cute i wouldnt ever want to use them!!

    1. I know right! Long time no speak lady, how are you doing?

  2. These all look so gorgeous! I've never really looked at Paul and Joe stuff before but I'm definitely going to have a browse of there bits now :)

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

  3. The packaging reminds me of a proper Grandma dressing table (in a good way). The type of make up you used to find fascinating but weren't allowed to touch.

    The cat blush and lipstick are amazing, don't know if I'd be able to use them.

  4. The lipsticks are gorgeous, but I wouldn't be able to use them. I'd want to keep them good!
    The outer casings are gorgeous as well! Xx


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