Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lipstick Swatches: Dior, Stila & Clarins Haul

After all the gnome-excitement yesterday and today, I eventually decided it was time to get some work done. That is, after I played with 'Major Morgan' that belonged to my sister, that Mum found in a clean-up. I'm telling you, HOURS of fun on that thing! We're still going full steam ahead for the renovations and I feel if I sit still long enough, I might just end up packed away in a box too! It's quite astonishing the amount one (or 5 of us) could accumulate over the years. I also found some of my art notebooks from school (OMG I was soooo excited), I might share some of it with you later in the week. For now I have a few swatches of the makeup items I purchased with this massive skincare haul from Escentual.
Click that link if you need to familiarise yourself with the other items I bought. The Clarins Energizing Emulsion was half gone after a couple of weeks, so I've bought another one and tried to be a little less obsessive with it! I've religiously been using the water sprays and sadly the La Roche-Posay 'Effaclar Duo' really didn't work for me. I hadn't realised at first that it was causing issues and continued using it for weeks, but it's left my skin in a huge mess. Spots in places I don't normally get and I'm still working hard to get rid of them, it's been terrible. Anyway, I'm about to start using some of the cleansers as my Lancome Baume Eclat is almost finished (sob). The only makeup item I don't have pictures of is the Stila Glow Lip Color. It glows under UV light (whoop whoop), but it was a present for a friend and as much as I deliberated to get one myself, I decided I would never be anywhere to see it glow, so it wasn't worth it. I'll start with the other Stila item, the Long Wear Lip Color.
This was a complete impulse purchase after I searched google for swatches of something else and saw this. It looked GORGEOUS! It was a beautiful taupe, although sadly it's not like that on my hand/lips or in the tube!

In The Nude is a warm, light brown. Nothing very special or unique.  I've got all the swatches at the end of the post for you. I haven't worn this one yet...I admit I was a little disappointed with the colour from what I'd been expecting.
Next is Dior Addict Extreme in 316 Incognito. You'll maybe remember I received a little mini one in a different shade that spurred me on to try another.
Incognito is another shade that I expected to lean more greyish or taupe-like than it does. There is a slight element of that in it. I wore this the other week for my Lipstick Challenge and it's a pinkish beige.  It swatches much lighter than it looks in the's quite a unique colour.

Finally, Clarins Joli Rouge in 724 Simply Nude. This one comes in such a weighty case!
The colour is so pretty in direct sunlight as you can really see the micro-shimmer.
It's a yellow-tan and the shimmer isn't visible once swatched. I think it's the prettiest of the three, although I haven't worn it on my challenge yet.
I took the swatches without the flash but in different lights as the colour can vary.
I've still got another two Escentual orders to show you, that I snuck in before my discount code expired along with a big Clarins haul! I'm also going to try and put together a review of where I think it went wrong with that LRP moisturiser. There were many good things about it, so I was sad it didn't work out. Back to basics for me again!

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