Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Miu Miu Shoes & Love Moschino Brooch

Quick picture post of my new shoes that arrived yesterday. I bought them from Yoox on the 19th, they were shipped from Italy on the 20th and arrived on the 25th, which is excellent!
This Miu Miu box is slightly different to my older ones, with a brocade style lining, ooooh fancy!
You know you're onto a good thing, when you get branded tissue paper and dust-bags. Even more so if they put spare heel tips in a separate envelope!
The shoes are black suede, they sometimes look navy in certain lights, but are black. They have amazing embellishments all over and a softly rounded toe.
The heel is gold metal ('knitting needle' as my Mum would say) with the embellishment detail again at the top, which is just beautiful.
I also purchased a Love Moschino brooch, which was basically free as I had a 10% off and free delivery code which took the total back to the original price of the shoes with shipping!  I'm so crap at maths until it comes to working out discounts on purchases, then I turn into Carol Vorderman!  Who knew designer brooches even got their own dustbags? Lucky little lady!
No idea what I'm going to wear either with, but I'm sure they'll be working their way into an outfit post soon enough.  I'm still sulking after my disappointment over the Love Moschino bags I purchased and didn't purchase at the weekend! I'm stalking the site daily in the hope the sale comes back....and trying desperately not to spend the money I set aside for them! Anyway, glad my lovely shoes fit, have you bought anything this week?

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  1. They're really pretty Gemma! Sorry to hear about the bag dilemma- I remember my Peacocks dilemma of a year ago or so when my parcel ended up being sent back and everything was sold out and I was really really hacked off, then ended up with 3 duplicate parcels which I had to end up sending back at my own cost!
    Totally understand what you said about the shopping today- it's great to have it as a hobby if you want it to. For me, I just feel I am overwhelmed with stuff and I just can't do it anymore, I feel claustrophobic.
    Hope you are well! x


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