Monday, 24 September 2012

When Shizzle Happens

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll realise I was in a bit of a dilemma regarding the purchase of a Love Moschino handbag. Brandalley were running a sale for a few days last week and there were tonnes of styles I liked, which I whittled down to the three that I thought I'd get most use of and that would work with my wardrobe. I've come to discover I'm kinda hopeless at being pushed to make a decision, at least when it comes to clothes, shoes, makeup and the like. I think it stems from not having a lot of money, so any 'big' purchase feels really indulgent and fills me with fear that I'll regret it..  So I asked you for your help as I trust you lot in these types of situations!
Any purchase I make, especially of considerable value has me in this sort of turmoil of will it be worth it/will I like it/will it fit/will I use it often enough? and so on and I always do my homework before committing. I must have spent at least three days going back and forth with my decision, researching the bags and eventually decided I would buy the striped one.  It was the cheapest and I thought it was quite the nude quilted one! My initial instinct was the black quilted, but a lot of you liked the nude and I came to realise it probably was better for me. At first I wasn't sure if I could afford both, but after working out my finances, I could.  It wasn't a tremendous amount of money for the two, actually it was a great deal, but it was still all the money I have right now!  So anyway, I couldn't believe I'd managed to hold my nerve until they had a free shipping day (extra bonus) and there was actually only 9 left in stock of the nude one (panic panic)! I was finally happy with my decision, used the paypal express checkout and in a matter of seconds my order was final. Or so I thought.
I found it strange that I didn't immediately receive a confirmation email. Then the next day (Sunday) I decided to check my paypal just to verify it had gone balance was still there as was my bank balance (part of the sale was coming out of paypal and the majority from my bank account). I felt sick immediately, I just had a feeling something wasn't right, so emailed Brandalley (not that there was much they could do about it on a Sunday).  When I logged into my account, there wasn't even any mention of the order, but because I'd used the express checkout, I wasn't sure if it would show up in my account anyway. So today I get an email back (very prompt reply) to say my order didn't go through and could I purchase the items again using a different method of payment.
Erm, GUTTED. I'm practically booking myself into the old folks home beside my Grandad now, because I can't for the life of me figure out what went wrong and I'm trying so hard to recall exactly the stages I went through. I can remember seeing the items in my basket (although I popped them in and out a gazillion times over the weekend), I remember checking out, selecting the express checkout and even signing into my paypal account as directed. I thought I paid and thought I was directed back to the Brandalley site afterwards, but can't be sure.  I can recall looking at the nude bag again though and noting the stock levels were now 8, because I'd bought the 9th! I was so excited that I'd managed to get my hands on two fabulous little bags even if I did have to wait a month for them to be delivered (yes I even recall seeing that at checkout)! With hindsight I should've taken a screen-cap of the order (not that they would've honoured it anyway, but for my peace of mind because I think I'm losing it), but to be honest nothing strange happened to make me think the order hadn't gone through and it was all over in a couple of seconds.  To make matters worse, the sale ended yesterday, so I can't even buy the bags again even if I did have to pay p&p this time. I'm just sooo disappointed about the whole thing-I emailed Brandalley back and they have sent me a £10 gift voucher as compensation, but I just wish I could magic back to Saturday and see what actually happened, before I make myself completely insane!
Normally with things like this, I figure they happen for a reason, but I'm still too gutted to have that outlook yet! I also realise that in the grand scheme of things, it's not exactly the end of the world, it's just been a waste of three days and I got all excited and happy for nothing!  I just have to hope that the bags pop up on the site again and that the ones I wanted are still in stock. In the meantime I have my Miu Miu shoes and Love Moschino brooch to look forward to!!  They are en route from Italy (makes me feel all fancy ordering stuff from overseas) and entered the UK today, which hopefully means I get them tomorrow (and also means people are home and I'll get 'caught' receiving my purchases)! Pretty aren't they?


  1. I agree that the Brandalley thing must have been so disappointing for you. Hopefully they'll have another Moschino sale soon. At least you didn't order the items and wait for a month for them before receiving an email saying they weren't in stock from the supplier - that is the most annoying thing ever (that happened to me twice on Brand Alley).
    It makes me a little hesitant to order from them again.

    However, on a positive note your new shoes look like they'll be a fab addition to your collection.

  2. Oh no, we're so sorry about the Brandalley situation, you must be very disappointed! We love your new shoes, they are gorgeous! Do you have any outfits you're planning on wearing them with? :)

  3. Thank you. Exact thing has happened to me too. I once bought a bag and purse for my Mum and they only sent the purse, saying the bag was OOS, but they matched, so I didn't want one without the other and especially not just the purse! Also had a pair of Terry De Havilland, utterly gorgeous shoes cancelled before (although I think that was maybe from Secret Sales).

    Zaggora, yes so very disappointed : ( No idea what, when and where to wear my new shoes, they arrived today and are stunning and fit perfectly!

  4. That's great! Have you worn them yet? :)


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