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Review: AW12 Swan Clements Ribeiro Is Out!

I just posted about the latest Swan Collection by Clements Ribeiro for Evans last week, but now that I've seen the whole collection, I wanted to write another post on it as I'm kinda in love with it. As I noted in my last post, I actually ended up buying most of the debut collection, but I'd say this one has the edge for me and is much more suited to my tastes. I'll start with the dresses (the majority of the range) and again, they all have sleeves (which will please most curvy women) and having not tried them on/seen them in person, I can't tell if the hemlines are much the same as last time (which was quite long) or if there are some slightly shorter ones. The model is most likely tall and not a good indication for us shorter ladies! Possibly my favourite is the Grace lace dress £95. Ok, so I'm not 100% sold on exposed zips, so that would be my only gripe, although I've let my dislike for them slide in the past when I've loved the rest of the dress. I feel a lot of thought has been put into this one. You have the sheer detailing and I love the nude background on the bodice, however it's not got a strappy back where your bra straps will be exposed, it's a decent lining that will cover underwear (which curvier ladies are more than likely going to wear under something like this). The lace pencil skirt is sexy but overall the shape is demure too, so it gets a massive tick from me in all the boxes.
This style is also available in a skirt £55, more images of that later in the post. Next is the Salome print dress £65, which I talked about in my last post. It's made of jersey and I'm pretty psyched to see a print like this used on plus-size clothing, it gives it an edge. However I'm not entirely convinced I would look good in it. I think given it's shape, fabric and colour, I may look like I'm wearing a tent. I'm a busty hourglass and usually require definition around the waist and am not sure how this would look pulled in with a thick belt. One to try I think.
For those not overly keen on printed dresses, this one is a little more subdued. The Doris £65 is a subtle nod to the body-con and eye trickery way of dressing. The contrasting panels draw your eye to a slim, defined waist and away from a large bust, hips or tummy, while the heavy jersey fabric will smooth in all the right places. You'd get a lot of wear out of this one.
As you would with the Debra peplum number £75 below. Personally I'm a little over peplums (did we not just have that trend resurface a few years ago?), but this one is pretty nifty as with the addition of a skinny belt to the waist, it would look like a peplum top and pencil skirt, which would usually be a little tricky/uncomfortable for fuller figured ladies to pull off, but not so in dress-form. Did I mention it's plain black? Can't really go wrong with that can you?
The 21 dress is back (£75)! This time in a satin type fabric with the same black lace inserts but a much happier, brighter print in my opinion. I like the colours in this one and could definitely see myself in it.
Speaking of pretty colours and prints, I'm in love with this pansy one on the Betty dress £75 (another restyle). I would wear this to death, with bare legs, dark tights, contrast tights, anything! This is one I definitely want.
Celia £75 is another gal I'd get loads of wear out of. I love the little sleeves in this one and there's lace inserts on the shoulders which is a cute touch and again has thought, because it's not in the bra strap area. I'm not totally keen on the lurex threading throughout it, I personally don't think it needs it, yet I doubt it would stop me purchasing it.
I love the artsy feel of this large floral print Djellaba dress £75, but again with the loose shape, I'm not sure it would suit me. I also would prefer a collar, rather than the Grandad-style neckline (although I'd probably undo the top set of buttons to get past that), again it's just a personal thing that doesn't look right on me. Nice colour though.
Finally, this monochrome Kimono dress £65 would be very versatile, it would look great with bright accessories. It's got shorter sleeves and goes into dual sizing beyond a 20 as it has a bit of stretch to it.
Onto tops and I'm absolutely loving these looks. As I mentioned above the necklines aren't right up my street, but I just want to try it, because it looks so fabulous here. The metallic top is called Kimmy £55 and the printed is Lou Lou £60. Nice detailing with the lace inserts at the elbows.
Both are worn with the gorgeous grace lace skirt I mentioned earlier and the ultra-cool burgundy and black buckle belts £15 each, from this collection. I love this style of belt and had a hard time tracking one down that fitted after my trusty old one broke. These have an elasticated back and come in sizes S/M or M/L.
There's also a jersey tunic top Tonic £40, which doesn't look particularly interesting here. I suppose if you styled it like the other two, it would instantly make it more appealing.
There's another printed top Mimosa £45, which is dual sized beyond a 20 and it matches perfectly with the Mimosa trousers also £45, to make a jumpsuit. It's not a look for everyone as it could resemble PJ's which by coincidence is kinda popular right now. I actually think it looks alright here with the belt.
There's another pair of trousers £45, in the lovely pansy print, which you could wear with the plain tops or clashed with one of the prints as shown here.
Finally there are two cardigans in the collection. Personally I love a good cardi! The embellished corsage cardigan £65 with lined body is totally the type I would wear, although that colour has a tendency to not do very much for me!
The colour block clover cardi £55 doesn't have as fitted sleeves as I'd like and maybe generally isn't as fitted as I'd like, so I'd probably size down with this one. Those smaller than a size 14 would perhaps love this as a boyfriend cardi, designed to be worn loose. Both cardigans are dual sized past a 20.
The collection for me, all ties in really well together but still with room for interpretation. There's been a great deal of thought put into the fabrics and shapes, but it's not entirely 'safe', which is what I'm pushing for in plus-size ranges but is rare to find.  I'm finding myself both drawn to items that I know will suit me and those that I would perhaps desire to dabble in. Remember there's still another collection to come before Christmas, but is there anything taking your fancy here?


  1. I do like 'most' of them but really not liking the "PJ's" look, sorry, but for me PJ's are just that, where I live there are too many people that go out to the shop in the PJ's.....sorry, would never (not rather) be seen dead!
    but on a whole some lovely stuff, especially the tops with the lace inserts, I have a lace skirt and have trouble finding something nice to put on top x

  2. The dresses look so baggy on th model! Perhaps I just like more extreme shapes. I do like most of the prints, though. What size do they start at?

  3. I think if you really wanted to try the Salome dress (it is a fabulous print!) then maybe find someone to put some darts into it front and back, that would pull it in shapely-wise without having to cut the pattern in half with a belt.

    LOVE the metallic Kimmie top...I'm not a fan of high necklines (I'm busty too) but it looks like there's an opening which could be left open?? Oooh...I'm off to bookmark that one!

    Not that I can/should buy anything seeing as the ol' purse it empty but what with Miss L Fires new collection too.....gaaaah!! LOL!

  4. Why are you watermarking photographic content that you don't hold the copyright for???

  5. Tracey-haha, I've seen plenty in slippers go to the local shop, not full blown pj's though!

    Z-a UK14, the images from the lookbook rather than the model used on the website made the dresses look much more fitted and sexy.

    Sandy-that's a good idea, I'm wondering if it could work without ruining the images though. The fabric might be quite difficult to work with for darts as it's stretchy jersey. Yes, Miss L Fire new season stuff looks great!

    Anon-because it still took time to collect the images, resize and put them together, so I'd rather my hard work isn't used by someone else to grace their blog/whatever because they are too lazy to put the images together themselves (you'd be surprised how much content gets lifted from my blogs). I never intended anyone to think the images were mine and hope that didn't come across. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love your style! I actually googled a review of YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat and it came up with yours so i'm your newest follower :)
    Check out my blog if you get a chance too x

  7. Thanks Claire, welcome! You should try the YSL btw it's fab!

  8. We love the 21 dress! do you know what sizes are available?

  9. It's lovely isn't it? Available in sizes (UK) 14-32, all are still in stock.


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