Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Super Shoes

Crap-sticks, this is the second time in a week I've been in the middle of writing a post and blogger hasn't saved a damn thing and I've lost it all (although I'm partly to blame for not pressing 'save' this time in my haste, but you'd think it would do so along the way itself). Anyway, back to typing this all out again and when was the last time I did a shoe-haul post? It feels like forever! I've been on an unofficial no-buy for 2-3 months now due to trying to pay back my ISA (I kept stealing from it to fund purchases), lack of space and gearing up for building work to begin on the house (which will mean even less space) and I just haven't been feeling well enough to go shopping. A couple of weeks ago though, I was feeling really sorry for myself after receiving bad news about my gums, coupled with facing a month of almost constant 'treatments' for it. I decided I should be allowed one treat for being a 'good girl' throughout it and that of course meant shoes! I found the perfect pair a couple of weeks ago and have drooled over them several times every day since. They are Moschino Cheap & Chic and I was buying them from FarFetch, who if you don't know, house brands from boutiques all over the world. It's a great system as it allows you to purchase from places you usually wouldn't be able to. My shoes for example were from Galante in (Brugge) Belgium and the only way to purchase other than in the actual boutique itself is through FarFetch. I hadn't ordered before though and the only downfall was the £19 shipping. I realise that it would more than likely cost that to courier the item to me, but it was bumping up the price of the shoes and I just didn't feel entirely comfortable paying it.
I signed up to the website in the hope of getting some sort of discount code after trawling the net with no luck. I was about to give up hope, when around a week later they emailed me with a code for free shipping. I was ecstatic, although still had my reservations about ordering as I'd have to sneak them past the parents, who didn't know of my plan and stalking! Considering there were only two pairs left in my size, I didn't question it for very long and ordered on Sunday night. I was shocked to see the DHL man come up the path today with my box, considering I hadn't even received a dispatch email at that point! The service was outstanding really and they were perfectly packaged.  The shoes are just (if not more) perfect than I thought and fit like a glove.
It's my first Moschino item and I have to say if I had plenty of money and fitted their clothes, I'd be wearing the Moschino brands every day. They are completely 'me', I love the fun and humour injected into every piece, yet they still have this classic quality with a kooky, kitsch twist! Most people would just look at these shoes and think they were standard black patent peep toes with a red, puffy, pom-pom type trim. On closer inspection though, they are heart shaped and this is the type of cutesy detail that had me totally sold. In my mind, hearts are like polka dots, they never fail to make you feel happy.  Having researched these, beware that some other sites have the same style but with a lower heel-this is why I really wanted them from FarFetch because I knew they had the 4 1/4" heel.
Even the soles have hearts!
If you're interested in grabbing yourself a pair here with 60% off, there's still a 38 left and also a 36.5 (just one pair of each), so act fast! Or there's a black and blue heart platform pair, in sizes 36, 36.5 or 40, also with 60% off.
I began browsing the rest of the site and seriously, seriously considered purchasing these Nicholas Kirkwood platforms for Meadham Kirchhoff. They are so insane and ugly, that I think they rock! There's only one pair left in my size and I can't tell you the amount of times I put them in and out of my basket! In the end, I decided I just couldn't justify £484 (even with 40% off) on a pair of shoes I wouldn't wear every day. They're crazy-cool though.
Actually I pretty much fell in love with the entire Meadham Kirchhoff collection, which I'd already been a fan of from seeing the catwalk pictures. This jacket is the most beautiful jacket I have ever seen in my entire life. It could bring tears to my eyes, it's that stunning. The detail and shape are just perfect. Sadly I don't have the body or a spare £1739 for it.
This cardigan at £409, could have been a cheaper alternative, had it not sold out.
While the detailing in this dress can only be properly appreciated when you see a close-up of it. It's gorgeous and yours for £3939 (non-sale).
I can remember this coat-dress from the show and loved it's 'powder puff' boobies (which I totally want to replicate on something-although maybe not the wisest idea with boobs my size), but was disappointed to note they were missing here. However in the description it does mention them. What's even more interesting is the fact they are Penhaligon's London marabou puffs (not just any ol' puffs here!) and again the craftsmanship in this is exquisite and quite possibly worth the £16039.
I am certain this won't be my last purchase from FarFetch, as they have a great selection of products that you'll struggle to find in other online boutiques and I can't fault the service.  


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA they are fab fab fab fab! I bought 2 pair of heelless shoes recently. And managed t get my hands on the top shop extreme sultry ones :)

  2. Aaaah, your new shoes are beautiful!!! The hearts are so cute!

  3. I gave your blog a mention on my list of favourite blogs


  4. I love your new shoes, they are so funny! Can't wait to see you style them! Those pink ones are hilarious- they are like the My little pony of the shoe world! Thanks for your nice comments!

  5. those moschinos are amazing! those shoes are just made for you ...

  6. Thank you for the wonderful blog post with beautiful photos of the Moschino Cheap&Chic Shoes you bought from Galante through Farfetch !
    I posted your story on the page of Galante on Facebook :)

    Kind regards,

    Alain owner of Galante in Bruges, Belgium

  7. thank you for all your lovely comments, in love with my shoes! Thank you Alain for sending my beautiful new shoes ; )

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