Sunday, 19 August 2012

YSL Beauty Haul

I've already reviewed this foundation here and here, but I'd gone to the bother of taking photos of the actual haul and figured I may as well post them.  I'm in the middle of ebaying shitloads of stuff just now and secretly hoping it won't all sell or else I'll be lost under a pile of parcels all week!
So the foundation, Le Teint Touche Eclat, I got is shade B10. You can see my swatch and indeed how it looks on the face in the posts linked above. I'm still happily using it every day. Last week I tried wearing Lancome Teint Idole Ultra as a (thin) base layer underneath (and still applying the YSL on top with my Pout Airbrush), as my skin has been pretty spotty and I felt like I needed the extra coverage. Unfortunately doing it that way, you lose the weightlessness of the YSL because the Lancome one is quite heavy on the skin, but you still get that lovely glow. Today though I decided to just wing it with YSL and actually realised that it covers perfectly well anyway, so I needn't have been so distrusting of it this past week!
I think I mentioned to you that I placed this order online with Debenhams after several hundred attempts! They were running a bonus beauty points offer (which you just have to have faith they've added as there's no mention of it on your invoice) and so I ordered another Rouge Volupte lipstick with the foundation. Could I afford to, I'd constantly buy RV lippies, I love them! I always have a lot of trouble finding the beautiful nude shades I see on other blogs and it's because they are permanently sold-out at my nearest counter, so the testers are never sitting out. Last time after getting the assistant to rummage through all the drawers to find the two shades I was looking for, she eventually found me #2 Sensual Silk and said they'd only had 2 of this colour in since it had sold out (before Christmas) and this was only a couple of months ago! Definitely hard to find! The other almost always sold out shade was #1 Nude Beige, which thankfully was in stock online.
It's not very beigey to me, it's a pinky nude in the tube (although I struggled to get an accurate image of it) and then it came out quite peachy/beige in my swatches. I took them in different lights as there was quite a contrast between them. Swatches show one swipe versus several layers and it was my lipstick of the week a couple of weeks ago, so you could check out old posts of The Shoe Girl Diaries to see it on my face that week.
I lucked out on samples with my order (for once) after the YSL notebook I was supposed to receive for free was out of stock. I rarely get samples when ordering from Debenhams online, even although they are always running an offer 'with all beauty orders'! This time though I got some fragrance sachets and a face mask thingy, which when I come to think of it, I've totally misplaced but must find to try! Speaking of misplacing things, for the first time ever I've lost my lipstick of the week! I've only worn makeup a couple of days this week and couldn't find it to wear today. I had to cheat improvise and be thankful it's a new week tomorrow! I can vaguely recall it being in my hand at one point (!) and I know I've probably set it down somewhere but don't know where (my usual hiding place is handbags, but I haven't been out anywhere with it all week).
Finally, I shall be reviewing these Oxy products soon. I just received them this week and got stuck into using them right away. So far so good. I have lots to say about them already, but would like to use them for another couple of weeks before fully reviewing them.

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