Thursday, 23 August 2012

Really Fur Real?

Dammit, just typed this entire post, then Chrome crashed and I lost the lot, grrr! Ok, here goes for a second time. I can't believe I'm typing this post, but it couldn't have come at a better time when I was in need of laugh. I was reading my emails this morning and this one popped in and I couldn't believe my eyes. Surely it was a joke? April Fools Day again? Nope and nope. I read and reread the press release and it seemed to be genuine (although I still can't believe it). What am I talking about? Well it's fake tan. Not just any fake tan, but you know that fox from the annoying Foxy Bingo adverts? Well it's him and some girl from TOWIE (I try to know nothing about this show). The press release hints to 'orange' more than once and Foxy and TOWIE bint are definitely an orange shade of fox.
First of all, it's been a long time since I used fake-tan, but the aim with me and indeed most people I know, was never orange. The furthest from orange you were the better. Subtlety is key in tanning, no? Secondly, a fox? A dude dressed as a fox, dressed as a human, why would anyone want to emulate that? Thirdly, TOWIE (apologies to any genuine untanned Essex girls out there who may be reading), but why would anyone want to look as fakely (so not a word) orange as them? Am I in the minority here, am I missing something, does anyone think this is actually genius and will be rushing out to buy a bottle? I still thought it had to be a joke, so checked out the website that stocks it and indeed it's there for £9.99, so you too could be an orange fox! To make matter worse, Foxy launched a fragrance last year. How the F did I miss that one? I'm guessing it was so you could smell....foxy or just like an actual fox? Anyway here's the press release (if you need a good laugh) and some astoundingly orange photos (mmm wow, wish I looked like that!). I can't say it will be gracing my bathroom shelf (ever), not even if I won it at Bingo. Oh there's another laugh, me at Bingo!
Foxy Bingo launches his fake tan alongside ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Lucy Mecklenburgh

Foxy, bingo’s most orange icon, today unveils his first fake tan in partnership with the ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ pin-up Lucy Mecklenburgh. ‘Fur Real’ was designed with Lucy, Foxy’s favourite tantalisingly tangoed celeb, to provide others with the ultimate glow. Hot on the heels of ‘Furever’, Foxy’s perfume released last year, Fur Real marks Foxy’s next beauty innovation in his mission to help women everywhere unleash their inner vixen.

Fur Real is a self-tanning gel that when applied evenly all over the body will create a gorgeous tan that is fitting for a trip to top Essex haunts Faces or The Sugarhut. With the short-lived summer in the UK, Foxy has bottled up the holiday season for those looking to stay bronzed all year round. For Foxy fans wanting to get their hands on Fur Real, they will need to either win a bottle at or purchase it for £9.99 exclusively at

Lucy Mecklenburgh said, “The only celeb who rocks orange better than me is Foxy himself! I’ve already got my own swimwear range and nothing compliments my designs better than a nice tan. I don’t step out the house until I’ve got my Essex glow and with Fur Real, everyone else can have it too!”

Foxy said, “It’s been a right horrible summer weather wise but I knew pictures of Lucy in her bikini would cheer everyone up. I wanted someone similar to myself to launch Fur Real, so with Lucy being both attractive and a lovely shade of orange, I thought we were the perfect pairing. I’m excited to offer the whole of the UK the chance to get foxylicious golden skin!”

Foxy Bingo is the most popular online bingo site in the UK with over one million bingo players on his site. The 200ml bottle is priced at just £9.99 and can be won at, or bought exclusively at


  1. This is hilarious!!

    Cath x

  2. I really hope this is a joke product.

    Perhaps we'll see Willie Wonka's Oompa Loompa tan hitting stores next...

    Lee x

  3. This stuff would do brilliantly in the East End of Glasgow, unfortunately...

  4. It's ridiculous! Yeah Elle, I remember the first time I went shopping in Glasgow, I was like 'wow, people are TANNED here'!


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