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Irregular Choice Introduces: Dan Sullivan Collection

Some exciting news for you in this post, but firstly I'd like to say a massive thank you for all the comments and FB messages regarding my previous post about body-confidence. I knew you were a fabulous bunch, but the support and positivity shown, was more than I could ever have anticipated. So thank you for that.  I had absolutely no regrets or panic after pressing the 'publish' button (which only proves how far I've come) and I've absolutely loved reading your views on it (if you've not had time to comment yet, please do). I only hope it's boosted you and given you some things to think about. Now, for this rather exciting and secretive little post! I've kinda been sitting on this for a while and discovering more and more about it and putting the pieces together as I've gone along. If you follow my Tumblr, you had a sneaky peek at some of the info and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to share. Many of you are Irregular Choice fans like myself, and you'll have received a couple of cryptic emails this week regarding something special happening at 3pm tomorrow (Thursday 28th June). Whenever I received the emails, I realised it must relate to this, so I hope I'm right (if not, it's some exciting info for you anyhow)!
I believe the emails were pertaining to a new footwear launch, titled the Dan Sullivan collection (designer and founder of Irregular Choice). I noticed the branding on some shoe-boxes at the Hong Kong shop opening in some images I saw online along with new shoe styles I'd never seen before. So I did some investigating and managed to find these images for you. Apparently the collection was introduced at the Hong Kong event and I also have news that along with the new Paris store which opened recently, there are plans for a Dublin one this year and many more throughout the globe over the next few years! Back to the Dan Sullivan range and it is a higher end, more creative footwear line produced in limited numbers with higher-end materials. It comes at a price (obviously) and the styles retail for around £180-£300. I thought I should inform you of this before you settled into totting up a wishlist from this post!
A few weeks back, a couple of styles were leaked online for a short period of time and I can confirm they were around the £200 mark (Dirty Dana and Cor Blimey!). There are 20 styles in the collection and I think I have 13 for you here. I have managed to find the others and include some details of them too, although I don't know specifics.

Banana Sandwich  I really liked these when I saw the image above, especially in the pink.  They come in a peachy pink or black and feature large spots but are covered in tassels.  There's the iconic IC wedge heel and a peep-toe.  
Cor Blimey!  This raffia platform and block shaped heel feature a lot throughout the collection.  Available in black or tan mesh.
Dirty Dana  There it is again!  This time with a petal like adornment and t-bar in black or soft pink.
Visionary Viper or as I'm renaming them 'Pink Haired Princess'! These are my ultimate shoe, totally 'me' and the pair that had me all in a tizz on Tumblr and started off my investigative work!   They are the one I have to get and I'm praying they're not at the £300 end of the scale (although fear they might be)!  The spotty and suede uppers include a mesh compartment with oodles of charms and trinkets and even a whole Ddung doll!  I am squealing.  Available in black, pink or red, I think the pink have just edged it for me.  Did I already mention I must have these?
Sticky Red Lipstick  One of the more subdued styles in the range, this lace-up shoe-boot is available in black or red suede or pale blue/white spot.
And there are leg-spatz which I think are available separately and could indeed be paired with any shoe, but are obviously geared towards wearing with Sticky Red Lipstick. They feature a traditional Mexican skull mask and are covered in flowers in blue spot, black or red suede.
Diva are a little less 'Dan Sullivan' and more 'Irregular Choice' to me.  Not saying they aren't fabulous, but I don't think they are any more unique than the SS12 stuff.  They have a huge gold-gilded spot bow and come in leopard ponyskin or black.
Gypsy Girl Rose  If I could afford a second pair, it would be these.  They appear to have a knitted cat attached which looks to me like a detachable coin purse perhaps?  It's crazy and I like crazy.  Available in a checked rose print, although I think there could be more (see bottom of post).
Icon are based on the best-selling IC 'Dance The Night Away' wedge (which I won't be geek enough to admit to knowing it's season) and after close inspection I realised there is a wee birdy sitting among the strapping.  Available in blue or black floral.
Jam Tart is one of the few flatties available for those not keen on heels.  The shape is a little similar to some of the sandals we've seen over the past year from IC, except they feature this stunning, larger than life lily.  They are available in red, blue and also black (not shown here but seen above).  
New York Baby If that lily wasn't big enough for you, how about an entire bunch of grapes?  I'm not kidding.  I'm not sure how practical these would be to walk in (I'm thinking of the clunking charms I immediately took off my Making Moves) and if you were in a supermarket, would they think you'd nicked the fruit?  They are freakily life-like!  The shoe itself is a gorgeous wedge with spotty bow over the toe and a fun, fruity floral fabric. I'm just not sure about the grapes walloping about my ankles!  Available in pink, black or red.
Ophelia  How do you feel about a spiky pineapple on your foot? Thankfully this one isn't 'real'.  This is the one style I'm not keen on, there's too much going on, too many fabric clashes and not a single aspect that I'd personally like on a shoe, but that's not to say someone won't like them though.  I saw them on model at the HK opening actually and she looked beautiful in them.  They come in black or tan.
Rocka Bella Quite obviously based on the Big Momma (etc) 'hiking' boots from AW11 that Jessie J loved.   They've been revamped in a very pretty floral print (the black featuring the floral/panda print I love from this season) and are the only other flat style.  They come in black, blue or red.
Stealing Limelight  Taking to the extreme again and would an entire bunch of flowers be more comfortable than grapes?  What do we think?  I'd like to think they are attached throughout the shoe rather than just through one strap (which is how it looks on the last image of the green pair), as I'd panic I'd lose them and would obviously like them to feel secure.  These are the show-stoppers of the range, I mean can you imagine going anywhere without someone asking you about them? I doubt it.  They come in green snakeskin, black leather or leopard ponyskin.
Finally, here is a look at the Hong Kong shop display which shows some of the other styles, not detailed.  This picture is borrowed from Pretty Lil Things (as you can see from the tag) and I've added my own notes over the top of the names we already know and the other few styles.  Starting from the top and there's two kinda native american looking shoes?, can't quite make them out.  In the top centre is a black shoe-boot with what I'm seeing as a gold bunny on it?  In the next row you'll see there's a paler, maybe pink or red spot (perhaps) pair of Sticky Red Lipstick which I didn't have images of above.  Also Gypsy Girl Rose (with the cat) at the end of that row seem to also be available in black and blue rather than just the check/floral I showed above.  Middle row we've all seen.  Second row from bottom and to the left of Ophelia (pineapples), I think they look slightly different and aren't just more Ophelia.  Further along you'll just see a bit of New York Baby (grapes) sticking out and in front of that are some slingback peep-toes which have eyes on them, a little fishy looking perhaps, along the lines of Irregular Choice 'Wing Invador', then you'll see the back wedge heel of a shoe which looks to resemble Elvis 'uh-huh-huh'! Maybe these will be the £300 pair?!  On the bottom you have Jam Tart sandals and Rocka Bella boots and in the middle some oriental type wedges.  The top camel pair aren't pictured here, but that's 7 extra styles and I gave you details of 13 (plus extra spatz) which would make 20, phew!  So that's indeed them all.
So what do you think? Hope I didn't ruin tomorrows surprise for anyone-I just wanted you to be prepared!  I definitely need the Visionary Viper and would like the Gypsy Girl Rose and the amazing camel pair from the top of the page...and also the pink Banana Sandwich. At the minute all or any are out of my budget, so I'll just have to hope they don't sell out too fast.  They will be available online and in IC stores.  What do you fancy?

Last image Pretty Lil Things, top images Sassy Hong Kong, all other images Irregular Choice.  


  1. OMGoodness! I want that Banana Sandwich in pink! So cute and tassel-y.

    And possibly the unknown wedge in the front of that last picture on the left. They look like a tropical/water theme?


  2. I like the flat ones and the hiking boots best- I'd totally wear those! Not so sure about the entire bunch of flowers!!!


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