Sunday, 3 June 2012

Queenie Rocks

It's a rather momentous weekend in the UK, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I'm sure many are thrilled at the 4-day holiday (if you're lucky enough to get it)!  I wouldn't regard myself as a massive Royalist or even a flag-waving, bunting hanging 'British' person (as I'll always regard myself as Scottish first), but between this and the Olympics, it's been pretty hard to avoid red, white and blue, union-jacks and British themes! I used to not particularly care for the Queen, but she's definitely grown on me over the years and nowadays I think she's pretty, darn amazing. Take the procession along the Thames today as an example...I'm tired just watching her and she's been standing on a boat for almost four hours straight now. We have to remember she's an 'old lady' and yet she hasn't sat down once, go Queenie! She has had an extremely full diary over the past year, travelling up and down the country and all around the world, I just don't know where she and Phillip get their energy from, it's outstanding!
I have to commend her on her fashion too, it's been really interesting to see the different styles she's tried over the years when I've been looking at these images. Like me, she's a big fan of pastels, but she also loves brights and her dedication to colour-matching is incredible. I love the images of her from the 50's and 60's (above and below), she looks brilliant!  She usually opts for black,cream or white accessories (which is a pity as it can sometimes detract from whatever fabulous colour she's wearing) but I've always loved that classic-vintage, framed and structured 'Granny' bag.  I do wonder what she keeps inside it though?! Her colour coordination is taken to a whole new level with her love of the transparent brolly (with colour-matching trim), she owns tonnes of those!
I love her classic shifts and matching coats accessorised usually with a  large brooch and she's not afraid of a little boucle, lace or even florals. In recent years I'd say she's reverted back to trying more prints which is very brave. Her outfit today (the white coat and hat below) is really beautiful when you see the details; it's classic with a modern twist and fancy but still practical for the day.
She's a woman after my own heart, with a love of hats. There isn't a hat she hasn't tried; this is just a tiny selection of the many styles and colours she's worn over the years. Most recently she wore this black hair net with little bows on it and I think it's fabulous that at 86 years old, she's still trying something new. I love that she's worn turbans, she rocks the head-scarf and like her clothing, there's really not a colour she won't try once.  Don't even get me started on her collection of tiaras and crowns.  They are magnificent and how wonderful to be Kate Middleton and get your pick to borrow for your wedding day!
The Queen is perhaps an unusual style icon, but I find she has definitely influenced my style over the years and it's only now that I'm appreciating that.  The love of hats and headscarfs, framed bags, colour coordination, pearls and brooches are things I'll never tire of.  
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