Wednesday, 20 June 2012

BeneFit Gifts With Glamour

I'm maybe slightly late to the party with this post (although personally I found the gifts easy to find just last week), but it's that time of year again when Glamour magazine team up with a beauty brand to offer us some fab freebies! It's BeneFit this year and there's three gifts along with three covers (shown Eva Longoria and Kylie Minogue, the other is Fearne Cotton). Fearne only seemed to come with the mascara (Bad Gal) and I felt I didn't really need that one (even if it is only £2 for the mag) so I left it. The others are The PoreFessional; a lightweight, silky balm to be worn under or over makeup to minimise the look of pores and fine lines, for a smoother appearance. I have to say at this stage I haven't tried either of my samples yet. I haven't tried these two products at all actually so that's why I was keen to get these mini's. I think Glamour have perhaps over-exaggerated their worth at apparently £10 for this teeny 7.5ml! Having just checked the Benefit website it's £23.50 for the full size (22ml), so technically you're getting roughly £7.83 of product. At £2 some would argue it's still a bargain! Next is That Gal; a pink primer for brighter, smoother skin with light-reflecting pigments. Again, you wouldn't think you were getting £15 worth of product in this 7.5ml, but considering the full size (£21.50) is only 11ml, you're getting £14.73 in this wee tube right enough! I blended both swatches on my hand but it wasn't worth showing you the photo because you couldn't see anything! Have you tried either or will you be getting/got the magazine samples?


  1. I saw the Glamour issues and thought about buying them but then thought of the cupboard full of products I still hadn't used!!!

  2. I bought Kylie and Eva to get Bad Gal and That Gal. I was on holiday so I thought what the hell! It's the only time I ever buy magazines when there are freeboies worth having. I've used both products and liked them but I don't think it would tempt me to pay full price for them x

  3. Kezzie-I know, I'm terrible for that too. At least I showed some restraint with the mascara!

    Lucy - yeah I suspect I may be the same about purchasing full-sizes.

  4. I really wish the US magazines would do this.

  5. I can't buy them since I don't live in the UK =[ but I always buy magazines purely for the freebies! Especially as some magazines here in Australia are $8-$9, it's crazy! You'd wanna get something free for that price!

    I've tried the primer, I don't quite get it. I guess it's for people who want dewy skin as it has sparkles in it, but then your foundation covers it up? I dunno, but I will use it up.


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