Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lancome GWP & Foundation Swatch Comparison

I was searching through my pictures folders today trying to find these images, because I knew I'd forgotten and not had time to post them! Lancome/Debenhams sent me a postcard with this promotion they were running. I'm pretty sure they know I'm a sucker for a GWP and wouldn't be able to resist! This one ran during May and a couple of weeks ago I totally buckled yet again for another of their GWP's! The one with the Jenny Packham floral bag? I've not even taken photos of that yet, so will try to get them up next week. That offer is still running and I've spotted it in Boots too, so it's not a store-exclusive.

Anyway back to this one and you were getting the usual selection of mini skincare items, including a rather large (125ml) Galateis Douceur cleanser, mini Hypnose mascara and a full size Color Fever Gloss. Me being me, I already own this particular shade, but still thought the offer was a pretty good one.
With any third purchase you received a full-size Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. Of course I bought the third purchase too!
 Here are my purchases on the left and freebies on the right.
The first item I got was yet another Baume Eclat. I'm like proper obsessed with the stuff! I've actually lost count of the amount of tubes I've gone through and think I have at least 2 spare and the one I'm using. I can't live without it.
I was also keen to try out the lighter shade of Teint Miracle foundation that was recently introduced. I already have it in 010 Beige Porcelaine, which is too dark for me, but I quite like the formulation in that it's not matte (which I usually go for) and has a glowy appearance. I have Teint Idole in 005 Beige Ivoire which is a better match for my fair skin, but sometimes you feel like a change from the really matte and that's why I thought the lighter shade of Teint Miracle wouldn't go amiss.
I've compared it to the two others to give you an idea of how much lighter it is. Teint Miracle 005 is actually even slightly paler than Teint Idole 005, which was interesting to see. Remember there is also the newer shade 007 between 005 and 010.  It comes up warmer than my skin and (obviously) darker than 005 but lighter than 010.
Finally I got one of the new Vernis In Love nail polishes in 407N Gris Angora, because I thought the colour was super pretty and relatively unique. It's a really soft grey with strong lilac tone and it featured in my Beloved Beauty Bits last month.
The GWP Color Fever Gloss mentioned at the start was shade 321 Dangerously Pink. I have to be honest and say it's not one I often use, but I figured I could always sell the extra one on eBay or something. When I took these photos last month, my camera was doing a great job of failing to capture true-to-life colours and focus, it was driving me mental!  The first three photos are relatively close to the colour and the other two show the shimmer in the light, albeit a little fuzzy!

I really must stop this weakness when it comes to GWP's, but they just always seem like such a good deal especially if you're buying something you probably would be anyway. I've managed to total up an astounding amount of Beauty Club points with all these purchases which further pleases me and of course means more new goodies!


  1. Have you tried the Face Atelier Ultra foundation at all? I've been meaning to ask you this for ages as it looks as though they have some pretty pale shades.

  2. Hi!! Does this 005 shade have yellow or pink undertones? The 010 shade doesn't match my skin because is too dark but also too pink. I'm affraid 005 could have the same "problem".


  3. when i bought the 005 teint miracle, the sales assistant told me it had yellow undertones! which is good for me, as i have red cheeks! love these posts - wish i had more money to spend, ha!

  4. Ella-no I haven't, I don't know much about Face Atelier to be honest.

    Anon-I didn't note any pink in the 005, but then I also didn't find 010 at all pinky. I compared them again the other day after reading your comment and don't see pink undertones in either of them or Teint Idole 005.

    woo-yes I didn't find any of these had pink undertones either, thank you!

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