Sunday, 24 June 2012

Monster High: Skull Shores Lagoona Blue

Things have been a bit quiet on the Monster High front for me lately. I've still been keeping an eye on the new collections and characters, but haven't had surplus pennies to purchase any. Plus there's masses of new things (seriously loads) and it's quite difficult to keep track of who I definitely want, who I'd like to check out in person first (of course, it's rare I'm near a toy-shop with a decent selection of dolls) and who I could give a miss. Obviously I'm struggling for room too (actually my MH dolls don't have a proper display yet at all), so I can't just buy every single one I like. The other week though Mum called me from Debenhams to say they had a few MH pieces (ooh exciting) and I buckled and bought Lagoona Blue from the Skull Shores range. My sister had previously seen her somewhere and thought she was really pretty and that I'd like her and I wasn't disappointed. The day I de-boxed her, my fish dress from Primark was sitting on my bed and a little impromptu photo-shoot happened! She's breathtakingly beautiful and the way the light was hitting her that day was just perfect. It really looked like she was swimming in the sea! She has light blue, slightly shimmery skin and this one has lilac-pink lips, blue/pink eyeshadow and dusky mauve eyebrows. I always say this, but the attention to detail with MH is outstanding with her bulging fish-like eyes, gills, fins, webbed fingers and freckles and check out the sea-themed jewellery and bubble shoes (major want)!  As this collection is beach themed, she comes in little shorts and a sarong with a frilly top; not my fave outfit but with a face like that, who cares? My sister also got me a MH outfit pack last week (it's gorgeous), so I have photos of that for you soon. I just wish someone would collaborate with the company to bring out a range of real-life shoes exactly like the dolly version because I'd buy them all!


  1. I have been coming to your blog for a(big) while now and I just have got to say that I LOVE it!
    I found it when i was looking for some lipstick swatches and BOOM there it was!
    You have got a wonderfull sense for style and cute things and offcourse Makeup!
    I collect the Monster Hight dolls aswell. I just bought the gloom beach 5 pack off ebay, just couldn't resist! I live in the Netherlands and it's quite hard to find them here... I mostly get them from Germany or ebay.
    I love them!
    Skull shore Lagoona is gorgeous!
    xoxo Wilma

  2. I totally agree! If there was a line of shoes in real life, sign me up! Whose would you go for first? I've always had a connection with Draculaura because I'm vegan too. And who doesn't love pink!?


  3. This blog post is amazing. Such lovely photo's. Love MH and those shoes are simply amazing! I can't wait to have my own place so I can buy some and display them. I really want the hardrock cafe barbie too <3.xx


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