Thursday, 21 June 2012

Half Price Ablaze

What a dreich day, yuck! I've been trying my hardest not to even look at all the fabulous sales going on right now because I have no money. I thought you may want to know about a special promotion ASOS are running until Monday though. There's a selection of shoes with up to 50% off, including the Ablaze super high wedges at just £30. I know I keep banging on about these shoes, but it seems you like them too as they always appear in the most popular searches on my blog!
I thought I'd photograph my three pairs for you to see them side-by-side if you're having trouble making your mind up. My original pair are the floral tapestry, beautiful! Then I bought the mint gingerbread, I adore that print and the colour! Then more recently I got the scribble pair, gorgeous too.
Of course I'd like the graffiti and floral pairs too, but think I'll have to pass on the offer for now unfortunately.  If you do make a purchase using my links in this post, I receive a very small commission, so many thanks if you do (probably need hundreds of you to do it for me to afford another pair!).  They fit true to size and if you have any other questions or have bought a pair, let me know!


  1. I really like the gingerbread men ones....uber cute

  2. arrggghhh no way I am skint! does the sale include monday too??? :D love these shoes and if I do manage to get a pair i'll make sure to use your linky! xx

  3. Yeah such a cool print!

    Until 9am Monday!

  4. Those shoes are pretty mental. They look tres hard to walk in! xx


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