Saturday, 21 April 2012

Compact Powders Storage

Last week I was hunting for more things to sell on eBay and in my usual fashion, got distracted (although technically it was for a good deed) and managed to find storage for my overspill of blush and highlighting powders.
I got this black sparkly Lancome vanity case last year and I realise as I'm writing this that I've still never actually shown you what was inside and the rest of the haul that went with it! I do still have the photos somewhere and will eventually get round to posting them! Anyway, I grabbed all my extra powders (I already have a shallow drawer with my blushes and a deep one with more blush and highlighters-which was getting too full to close). I also had some newer, homeless Lancome and MAC powders and amazingly, the entire overspill (and a good chunk of the 'deep drawer') fitted perfectly into this case, with the exception of two compacts which sit on top, but I'm mega excited at the neat little rows! Everything just slotted in perfectly.
I thought you may like a closer look...
The first row is all MAC, mainly Beauty Powders (I'm a sucker for a pretty compact if you can't already tell).
The next row are some of my MAC powder blushes.
I discovered 'Stark Naked' which is completely untouched and looks absolutely beautiful (a soft dusky pink with gold shimmer); so I'm definitely going to be trying this out next week.
The third row includes my 'too stunning to touch' LE Lancome blush/highlighters, Pout Shimmer Swirls and some No7 LE highlighters and blush.
Then the last row is a bit of a mix; with Too Faced 'Brightening Blush', The Balm-Hot Mama, one of my Pout Rouge compacts (Apricot Totty), a couple of my Playboy 'First Blush', Soap & Glory 'Glow All Out', Dainty Doll 'Blush & Contour' (Bloom), MAC/Hello Kitty 'Tippy' and some more LE No7 highlighters.
My only problem now is I don't actually have a place to put the box!  It's currently residing on the floor in my 'The Shoe Girl Dairies' foot-shot spot, so I've been moving it daily!  On a plus, I'm definitely getting more used to the new Photobucket editing system.  I managed this lot quite quickly and that included using text which I haven't used in any images since the change.  You can't choose a font size which is a bit annoying if you want the same-size lettering in every picture; it's just guess work, dragging the box to the size you wish.  After editing my first two images and wondering why there were so few fonts to choose from, I discovered actually there's tonnes and probably would've used something else had I know that!


  1. wow this is an amazing collection! i love that you have some pout shimmer swirls, i use the pink one all the time. i wish they were still around! xx

  2. Bloomin' HECK, that's a LOT!x

  3. Wow and I thought I have a lot :) Lovely shades. Do you always keep them in boxes? I think it's more hassle to take them out.

  4. Caroline-thanks, I know, I have so many Pout favourites! the pink swirl is fab.

    Kezzie-yeah and that's only the overspill(!)

    Jane-I tend not to keep them in boxes, my drawer that houses the ones I use most often are all deboxed, but most of these are unused or barely used.


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