Monday, 2 April 2012

Haul & Swatches: No7 Vital Brights Lipsticks & Highlighter

*Firstly not having a good day, totally F'd up my Facebook page (majorly, don't ask!), so I'll be uncontactable through that until/if it gets fixed.  Second stuff-up, I created this post-thought it saved, went back to it to publish it and there's loads missing.  Like entire freakin' paragraphs! I haaaate that, because by that time I've lost interest and can't remember exactly what I wrote but somehow have to come up with it a second time, peed off dot com* Anyhoo...

I bought some items from the No7 'Vital Brights' Spring collection in Boots a couple of months ago and this is the first of me getting around to writing about it (oopsy). The items should still be available instore though but be quick if there's something you really like.
I purchased the two lipsticks in the range and a beautiful highlighter. As is the norm with No7 limited edition, the items come in special packaging, in this instance a glossy white with bright floral design. Like the Midnight Enchantment collection from last year though, it's a pity the pattern doesn't continue onto the lipstick casing (it's just on their boxes), although I've actually grown to quite like the minimalist chunky white case.
The lipsticks are £10 each (I think I managed to get them 3 for 2 and possibly with a £5 off voucher too), which is reasonably pricey although I've become accustomed to it now, plus there is almost always offers on so I rarely (if ever) buy at full-price. Both lipsticks are very sheer, so don't purchase them expecting the colour to apply exactly as you see in the case.
Blossoming Pink is a dull, dirty browny pink with some shimmer upon super-close inspection.  It swatches slightly nudey, although I personally would not consider it a nude (not light enough).
Blooming Pink is absolutely stunning in the tube, I just adore looking at lipsticks of this colour, wearing them is another story though.  I never feel comfortable or think I suit vivid pink lips and this is definitely a bright blue-pink.  When swatched you still get that colour hit, but it's sheer so much more wearable for me.  
Swatches of lipsticks shown with one swipe, then layered.  
You'll be pleased to know I've bought this highlighter and actually used it!  I realise it's bordering on ridiculous, the amount of 'too pretty to use' powders I own, so I bit the bullet and stuck my brush into this last week and wore it 5 days running!  Vital Enlightening Highlighter Powder is £13 and again that's not the cheapest but what I'd expect from No7 now.  I was a little surprised that it wasn't boxed, although that wasn't a 'buy/not buy' deciding factor for me.  There's a mirror inside and the powder itself is a champagne slightly gold, slightly pink shade.  The mega-shimmer is just overspray although the underneath is still a stunning and shimmery palette.  No7 is currently 3 for 2 in Boots, so it's a perfect opportunity to pick up a couple of items and grab a  free bargain!


  1. That highlighter looks amazing...I don't buy no7 at full price either, I always wait for the vouchers :)
    Linzi xx

  2. The highlighter is gorgeous! Hopefully the collection will still be around next time they do their £5 off vouchers! xx

  3. Love that highlighter, the pattern on it is lovely!
    Urgh I know exactly what you mean about blogger, it does that to me all the time and big chunks of writing either go missing or get mixed into the wrong sections! Frustrating!


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