Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bonzer Bargains!

My income took a significant blow from last month and from now on I've definitely to watch the spending. Problem is, I'm a shopper, always have been; whether it's groceries or shoes and it can be difficult to break those habits. I enjoy it and there's no hidden, psychological 'trauma from my past' reason for it, I just like shopping and buying. I'm not going to deprive myself by going on a 'no-buy' because I have few pleasures in life as it is and I fear this would only make me depressed or want more. I'm just going to keep an eye on things and question whether I really, really need something before purchasing and try and get out of the 'more is more' habit of a lifetime! I have purchased a couple of mega-bargains a few weeks back, which I wanted to share. Seeing as I have a champagne taste on a lemonade budget, I should probably turn this type of post into a regular!
I've been banging on for ages about a certain Lancome lipgloss I wanted once my Debenhams points were converted into cash and I finally got it! It was a struggle, because I intended on going to Dundee for it, but haven't been there for weeks. I kept freaking out that it was going to sell out before I bought it! My sister was going to Edinburgh though, so said she'd look for it there. No luck. Then she was going to Glasgow a few days later and Debenhams happened to have 10% off all beauty and had just one of this colour left! It was £18, down to £16.20 and I had £15 of rewards, so got it for £1.20. Bargain of the century or what?
Seeing as I own tonnes of Color Fever glosses and on the whole they border on the sheer side, I have to admit I wouldn't have paid £18 for this, as stunning as it is. The colour 386 Green Petal is beautiful, but essentially clear on the lips with the faintest green tint and stunning green micro-glitter. What I love though is the minty scent, it's so strong (so if that's not your bag, avoid this) and this was my main reason for wanting it so badly.
I'm getting really into the Debenhams Beauty Reward card scheme, although it can be a little frustrating waiting until your points are converted at the end of the month. Plus the maximum payout in a month is £15 and I still have another 1600+ points (£15+) carried over, so have to wait until the end of April to get that.
My other bargain was this wee silver horse ring from Miss Selfridge. I'd spotted it full price and considering the amount of rings I have-again I wouldn't have paid £8.50 for it. I kept an eye on it and it was reduced to £4 in the sale but I couldn't see anything else I wanted and would have had to pay £4 delivery for it. Then it was further reduced to £2 (and still I didn't need anything from the site), so I looked in Debenhams next time I was in and of course, they didn't have it. There was one left in my size on the site and it was tormenting me, but I refuse to pay more for delivery than the actual item! My Mum and sister managed to find it in Edinburgh though and it so happened that on this particular day it was reduced again, to £1! Bargain!
Anyone else found some jammy bargains lately?


  1. love the horse ring! I too am having to cut my budget and am considering selling some of my beloved IC's to get some spare cash - its so hard tho!!

  2. Gorgeous pix, I'm loving the quality :) What kind of camera do you use to take these pix ?

  3. Leanne-I know how you feel. It was easy at first to get rid of pairs I wasn't so keen on, but now I'm delving into the 'loved' pairs and yes several IC pairs have gone. It breaks my heart, but had to be done : (

    Laura-thanks, it's my sisters Panasonic Lumix TZ8.

  4. I managed to get some gorgeous candy coloured nails that were meant to be £12.49 for £2.49 due to Superdrug pricing them up wrong! Tee hee. They are so cute like cupcakes as well! :D


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