Monday, 30 April 2012

Yay or Nay Jeffrey Campbell Shadow?

Ok serious question time! I recently pre-ordered the Shadow Spike & Stud by Jeffrey Campbell. If the image doesn't prove it, they're like the Rolls Royce of JC footwear. Priced higher than the regular range but still a steal when the design is comparable to much higher-end and 'impossible to purchase' style designers. The heel or lack of is of a similar shape to my Night-Walk although instead of a mary-jane these are a shoe-boot.
The main feature is that they are covered in spikes, everywhere! JC being so fabulous though have even incorporated flat studs to the inner sides of the boots, so you don't gouge yourself when walking! Previous to purchase, I'd googled endless images and reviews and after my usual stalking approach to buying, decided I couldn't live without them. I was unsure which size to order as many said they fit small and I was buying them in EU/UK size rather than US which further confuzzled me. In the end I went for the 6/39, a size-up and paid just over £200 for them. It was my last blow-out before I tightened the purse strings.

They were supposed to be delivered at the end of April, but last night I received an email saying it would instead be mid-May. I've now started questioning if I really need them. The email states I can cancel my order if I wish and I hate to say I'm considering it. I thought my life would be complete with these(!), but the practical side of me is pondering how often I'd actually wear them (keeping the price in mind too). I'm also worried that they won't fit and it's too expensive to return them (so that's completely out of the question) and I doubt I'd make my money back by selling them on eBay. I still think they are the bomb; the ultimate JC but should I cancel my order and save the money for something (dare I say) a little more wearable? Would love to hear your thoughts (especially as I've mastered how to add a poll to my post!), leave comments and click to vote below!

P.S. Google Image 'Jeffrey Campbell Shadow' and you'll want them even more, they look much better on the foot (but I didn't want to steal individual photos).


  1. A funky shoes but for £200 plu sis it worth it if you wont get much wear out of them. id consider cancelling an buying one or maybe 2 pairs of more wearable shoes xx

  2. They are wicked! I've got my eye on the moonwalker ones, not sure the name. Keep them, they are lovely and very unusual and will be show stopper whenever you go.

  3. It seems to me that you're havig doubts about them, which is why I voted that although I like them, you should cancel. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that the order has been delayed.

  4. I always feel I need more JC in my life but I hate the fact that most of the ones I want are never in stock or take ages to be released! These shoes are a must have I think!

  5. I think they're amazing BUT the risk of them not fitting and the price of returning them made me vote to cancel!

  6. I've been hankering after these too, they are AMAZING shoes! My friend's got a pair too which only makes it worse. That being said though, I can't justify spending £200 on a pair of shoes that I will so rarely wear. Yes they are complete showstoppers, but to me it seems that when that "need want MUST have now" feeling goes away, you see things more rationally - which I imagine is why you're having doubts. I voted for "like them, but cancel" Good luck deciding!


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