Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Olivia Rubin For Dorothy Perkins

As if it wasn't enough that Photobucket completely changed last week, now Blogger has updated itself (I'd been putting it off until it forced me into the new layout) and I don't have a friggin' clue what I'm doing! If you don't use Blogger or blog at all you'll be wondering what all the fuss is about, but I'd become so used to the old layout (knew my way around and where to click etc) and this is just so strange and I'm having to read/hover over everything before clicking because I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Needless to say, I don't like it...I may get used to it in time though. Anyhoo, the Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins collection launched this week! The Central Saint Martins graduate is in her seventh season and the DP collaboration echos her love of simple, flattering shapes and distinctive prints.
Doesn't she look rather sweet in that last pic?  The whole collection has a real 'holiday' feel and is unashamedly flirty and feminine. If pink isn't your thing, I'd probably stay clear(!) There's shells, birds and a soft, floaty feel to every piece. That's not to say you couldn't incorporate the tops with denim or black leather to grunge it up and de-girly it (as Olivia has done herself), I could totally see that working.
I've pulled all the pieces together by print in this post, so it's easier to view. The collection comes in sizes 6-18 which doesn't reflect DP's usual variety and it's disappointing for curvier ladies because I actually think these designs would look fabulous in bigger sizes as the shapes look really figure flattering. I suppose it's something that it didn't stop at a 14 or 16 like other designer/high-street ranges though! Prices range from £25-49, which I think is very reasonable.
The collection has definitely grown on me since I first saw it and there's several pieces I could see fitting into my wardrobe (if only funds would allow). The grey bird peplum dress was my favourite from the preview (before I knew the prices) and naturally it's the highest priced in the range! Me and my expensive tastes!
I would wear the maxi dresses loads during the summer months though and the stone wrap pencil or shift dresses look really wearable.  The short, pink bird dress with it's nipped in waist and figure-hugging cut is definitely one of my top-picks.
The collection is on the site now and available in selected stores (only Glasgow in Scotland, so it's unlikely I'll ever see it in person). Does anything take your fancy here? And how much are we loving the hot pink hair on the model?!


  1. I love the collection but as a size 22 there is nothing in my size (which is good for my purse at least !) I love all the dresses especially the bright pink one. Just which they would have done the line over all sizes and I'm sure I'll not be the only one x x

  2. My fave is the grey bird peplum dress....although I would prefer another sleeve! LOL!

    Don't think they'll fit me though...darn the boobies! LOLOL!!

  3. Totally agree, the range would translate very well in larger sizes, no need to exclude them. I'm finding I need a size 20 in DP for the boobies, so not sure I'd fit an 18 here.


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