Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiretty #16

I can remember the film 'Despicable Me' being advertised last year and never took much notice of it, as it just seemed to be about annoying little one eyed alien things. My sister recently discovered all these clips on YouTube though and we're now both obsessed with it...I think it came out on DVD last week in the UK or is coming out soon. Anyway these little orphans are so adorable and Agnes in particular is super cute. She loves unicorns (a girl after my own heart) and sings this little song in bed after praying for nice parents and a unicorn (naturally). It's the best 39 seconds of my life, she's my new muse! Here's the lyrics...
Unicorns I love them,
Unicorns I love them,
Uni-Uni-Unicorns, I loove them!
Uni-Unicorns I could pet one
if they were really real..
And they are!
So I bought one so I could pet it.
Now it loves me and now I love it..

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