Monday, 10 January 2011

Brand Focus: Lancome Juicy Tubes Swatches & Review

As part of my Lancome brand focus, I'm reposting this review with swatches of all my 42 Juicy Tubes! I doubt there is anyone who doesn't recognise the original squeezy tube gloss. JT's come in a variety of flavours and scents and there are several different finishes, some are metallic, some infused with micro-glitter, some with more sparse glitter and so on. The gloss is usually quite thick and sticky which some don't like (it doesn't bother me), but you'll find this makes them more long lasting and the shine is incredible, like a glossy, glass shine.
Lancome have produced several limited edition colours in special packaging over the years. The first illustrated tube was Marshmallow Electro with an image by Julie Verhoeven. Then came the 'World Tour' series named after the fashion capitals of the world and featuring designs by Christopher Kane on the tube. As you'll see from my collection, I was completely enthralled by that range and bought as many as I could! Please also note some of my glosses may only be available in the US. Lancome usually use different shade names in different countries, so some colours are very similar. I've tried to note the scent but as the task wore on, my nose got worse at depicting the smell. Those without a specific scent tend to have a nice, candy, sweety smell. Smaller tubes are GWP's (gifts with purchase).

The following glosses are all from the Christopher Kane World Tour collection.
101 Sparkling Paris-very sparkly, champagne? scent, silver micro-glitter. 105 Rio Peach-pale nude with metallic, pearlised sheen, peach scent. Rio Mango-a brighter peach with very tiny pink micro-glitter, mango scent. 104 Rio Banana Ipanema-lemon with slight pearlised sheen, banana scent. Grand Cafe Creme Brulee, browny gold, caramel scent. 103 Tokyo Apple Shibuya-sheer green with slight pearlised sheen, apple scent. Tokyo Plum Blossom-light pink with silver sparkles, strong floral scent. Fifth Avenue Frosting-terracotta with gold sparkle, caramel, cake type scent.
I actually forgot a couple of my World Tour glosses-so there's more to come later : ) In the next set there are these mini tubes with the purple heavy, metal lids (one shown here) which were part of a Christmas trio and came with a silver bracelet (which you were supposed to attach the glosses to, like a charm).
Bewitching Ruby (LE Xmas trio)-pretty much clear with bright pink sparkles, cherry scent. 95 Marshmallow Electro-as I previously mentioned with LE illustration by Julie Verhoeven. Another one that is basically clear but with slight pearl and more glitter than Bewitching Ruby. Fruity Pop (JT Smoothie)-has really bright pink glitter pieces that look like they'd glow in the dark! 123 Dot Apricot-my most recent addition, limited edition to celebrate 10 years of Lancome JT's featuring tube illustration by Yayoi Kusama (note these are smaller than the standard tube)-this doesn't have the same glassy gloss look as normal, a lovely dusky peachy nude. Pep Rally Pink and 33 Pamplemousse-identical, if anything there's maybe more blue glitter in the latter. A peachy pink base with sporadic multi coloured glitter. Midsummer Eve (featured a silver lid), peach with pink pearl. Simmer-very metallic duotone which flashes pink one way and copper the other. I've purposely uploaded a couple of swatch images here to highlight just how pigmented and metallic Simmer is (you really notice it in the 2nd image).
Next we have some brighter colours-which you shouldn't necessarily be afraid of, because they sometimes provide a really lovely hint of colour with lots of gloss.
56 Miss Rose (JT Cherie)-a peachy pink with metallic pearl and silver micro-glitter. Smooth Melon (JT Plump)-metallic, pearlised golden orange, melon scent. 041 Fulidu-bright orange with flecks of multi coloured glitter, zingy scent. Bolole (JT Jelly)-a gorgeous hot reddish orange with gold glitter. Red Hot New York (World Tour)-red with pinky red pearl and micro-glitter. Very strong cinnamon scent that I can't stand unfortunately. 17 Fraise-hot fuchsia with pink glitter, raspberry scent. 19 Lychee-medium pink with lots of micro sparkles throughout in blue, purple and green.
Now for some browns (always my favourites) and a couple that have absolutely no shimmer or metallic quality (a rare thing in JT's).
29 Chilled-neautralish brown with sparse gold sparkle. 05 Ginger (JT by Nature-flavours by nature)-brown with slight pink micro-glitter. 08 Beige Letea (Juicy Glace, icy cream lip gloss)-pinky brown, no shimmer. Toffee Pop (JT Smoothie)-antique bronze, very sparkly. Sun Bronze-dark pinky copper with pink pearl. Beach Plum-darkish plum brown with no shimmer.
Some purples, ranging from light to dark.
Hypntoic Sapphire (LE Xmas trio)-greyish violet, sheer with pink flash. Plum Freeze (JT Pop) similar to Simmer in finish, duotone lilac and turquoise metallic. 114 Pure Sesame (P.U.R.E. Premium Unique Raw Elements, natural flavours)-taupe with micro-glitter. Honey Violet (JT Smoothie) metallic pinkish plum with pink glitter. 050 Ultra Light Kirsch-relatively sheer but dark purple, no shimmer.
And finally a mix of my other colours.
Crystal Shine (LE Xmas trio)-clear base with white glitter. Dreamsicle-milky pale pink with blue flash. Touched By Light-yellow gold with gold sparkle. Chai Freeze (JT Cherie)-metallic nude. 093 Toffee R&B-browny gold with lots of micro-glitter throughout. 112 Fresh Mint Tea (P.U.R.E. Premium Unique Raw Elements, natural flavours)-sheer green, no shimmer and a lovely mint scent. Violette (I'm not sure if this is the correct shade name given it's colour, but that's what the label says!)-sheer turquoise with sparse green and blue glitter. Silver Bells-very sparkly, silver.
Now some comparisons with glosses that I didn't photograph together. Silver Bells, Sparkling Paris and Crystal Shine-Paris is the most silver, Crystal is whitest with the least amount of glitter.
Grand Cafe Creme Brulee and Toffee R&B are identical in every aspect. I'm not sure if that particular World Tour one was available in the UK, so that's probably why they released it under a different name (Toffee R&B) here.
Fresh Mint Tea and Tokyo Apple Shibuya-the mint is slightly darker and there's more pearl in the apple one.


  1. you do have quite a collection there! i have to admit, i have only tried one or two of the juicy tubes, but i always thought they were a little too thick and gloopy for me.
    Shoes posted on fri, hopefully with you soon! :) xx

  2. I love scented gloss, solong as it's a scent I like! I usually end up licking these off my lips! Thanks-not arrived yet, hopefully tomorrow, I'll let you know : )

  3. ma e bellissimo questo sitooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    qmq io x voi sono lolli ok??????

  4. Wow...this is an amazing blog post. Your photos are excellent, and led me to pick out a few new Juicy Tubes that I have to add to my collection! I also love the comparison shots--they're very useful.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks for this great source of juicy tube info. Your collection is amazing. Can I ask what marshmallow electro smells like? I'm tempted to get it just for what i imagine is a yummy scent!


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