Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shoe Haul Images

So here's a round-up of all the shoes featured in my haul video. I'm still waiting on some cute fluffy boots from Miss Selfridge and Bertie 'Superstar' wedges. I did get one delivery today (half my Boots order), so some mail is getting through the snow! Although the snow has just started up again for the millionth time this week! Please remember to clear the snow off the roof of your car as police in Fife anyway are giving you an on the spot fine and penalty points (it's dangerous if it falls onto your windscreen don't ya know?). I took almost all of these images in the one day, so just wore the same tights throughout, so they don't exactly look right with some styles. The tights are Miss Selfridge and I stuck my hand through them on the first wear, so they'll go in the bin now!

First up, these stunning, Michael Lewis 'Rosalina' SS'10 shoes. Check out that heel! Game of chess anyone? They are super padded inside, underfoot. I'm a little unsure of them as yet though...the platform is small (on the ball of your foot) and rounded on the base, so it's not really a steady shoe to walk on (I'm sliding and wobbling all over the place and I'm an experienced heel wearer). Don't get me wrong they look stunning in the flesh (much better than the images). There's a little too much toe cleavage for me without tights, so I can't see me wearing these barefoot. True to size although quite narrow.
You've seen a little peek of these Senso Diffusion 'Wilma' (pink cheetah) ankle boots from Solestruck. See the original post for details of sizing (hard to get on but true to size inside). FYI, I paid $30 shipping from Solestruck and I think around £122 came out of my account altogether (boots were $159.95) and I had to pay ParcelForce £30 customs charge before they would deliver. Works out quite pricey, but they are rare, not to mention gorgeous, so it seems worth it for me.
Remember I bought these Dolce & Gabbana (SS'09) wedges from BrandAlley and they didn't fit at first? They do fit now..they're super heavy, it's practically a struggle to lift your feet! As they're so high, they make your feet look absolutely tiny-it's unusual that the buckle fastens at the front of your foot rather than the side.
Ok, a word to the wise about my dealings with Shoesone. Yes, they sell cool shoes and at super inexpensive prices. If you add items to your basket, you can use the shipping estimate there to work out costs to you. I think the more you buy, the more reasonable shipping is and both times I've ordered, I've tried to order at least 5 pairs to even out the shipping a little. I have never had to pay a customs charge-don't know if I'm just lucky. I find delivery time is reasonable. My gripe however is that if they are out of stock of an item, they don't tell you (your dispatch email will still list all your items and say they are all dispatched even when they aren't). My first order was missing an item, which I later found out was OOS after I emailed them to ask where it was. I was given the option of a refund or waiting for new stock. I chose to wait and then placed another order and asked for the OOS item to be included with that order (they were happy to do so). This time, they sent an incorrect item and a different item was OOS. They asked me to return the incorrect one (!) and refunded me postage for that (seemed ludicrous when shipping was more than the cost of the item). After much to-ing and fro-ing (I was still left to wait for the correct items even although the mistake was theirs), I was sent the 2nd OOS item and chose a different pair for the original OOS as they sold out yet again (even after asking them to keep it aside for me)!! I asked to be sent confirmation when the replacements had been sent (they probably wouldn't have bothered emailing at all, had I not emailed asking if they received the parcel I sent back), I was informed I would be sent confirmation but never got any. A few days later though the parcel turned up, I don't know if they upgraded me to express delivery, I certainly wasn't expecting it so soon (and I'm still waiting for the confirmation it's been sent!)

They do reply to all emails in a timely manner, but often you're left unsure if they understand your concerns. The more pissed off I got the less English they knew, funnily enough! They do not update the sizes or styles that are out of stock on their site. They still haven't removed the Miu Miu crystal pairs even although they've been sold out for months for instance. It's definitely deterred me from re-ordering, even although I'm craving some boots they added recently. Just be prepared to deal with some problems if you do order from them. Black face wedges, come with ankle straps (which I need to cut to size), true to size (ordered a 38).
Shoesone black satin cat print mary-janes, I ordered both a 38 and 39 for these. The 38 I was refunded for (OOS, so don't order), but actually I needed the 39 anyway as they run small. Just love that print!
Shoesone gold daisy mary-janes-before I realised these fit small (I felt the crystal pairs ran a little large) I had only ordered a 38-I may sell these as they'll probably pinch after 2 minutes of wear!
Shoesone pink satin, swallow print mary-janes (another great fabric), ordered 38 and 39, will sell the 38.
Shoesone blue daisy ankle boots are a pair I chose as a substitute, glad I did, they're really cute. I didn't want to take any chances and ordered the 39 although they probably fit true to size. The back zip sticks a little on one shoe which can be annoying!
A super cheap buy from Amazon were these Harajuku Lovers 'Kyle' jelly wedges. I tend to need a larger size in American shoes (US8), but actually these are very long. I sold the US8 and reordered the US7 (which is sold as UK5) and actually managed to get them even cheaper (£16.50). The strap across the foot is tight, but was the same on the bigger pair, I still have extra room at the front of these as you can see, so there was masses of room in the US8.
See The Shoe Girl Diaries for details of the sizing on these Harajuku Lovers 'Kandice' courts. Bought from Daniel Footwear. Probably fit true to size. Ridiculously high heel and platform and another really weighty shoe!
Irregular Choice 'Harem Harlequin' were another Amazon bargain at around £36 (although they went down to £30 before increasing again-it's an absolute nightmare guessing when the right time to order from them is). A very bright purpley pink-I just got a 38 and they fit true to size, although a little tight across the uppers which I think will stretch with wear.
From my experience with Once In Love by Irregular Choice, I decided I would need to order a size larger in Grace Lace (39). Again I bought them in the sale from Amazon (£35) and they are slightly roomy. Not really sure if I'm that keen on them to be honest. I'm not as gaga as I was with OIL, but I can't find them in my size, so these were a poor substitution! I think I'm just not used to my foot feeling so 'flat' inside the shoe, it doesn't really do much for me. The wooden, stacked wedge heel is fabulous though and the colour is so vivid.
The last in my Amazon bargain buys are these Irregular Choice Itsy Bitsy Betsy. If you follow The Shoe Girl Diaries, you'll remember I bought the green floral in a size 5/38 and they were a bit tight. I sold them and reordered in a size 39 (for £21, slightly cheaper than the time I bought the green) and they definitely fit better. I got the blue floral this time as the green was a little 'fuzzy' and I much prefer the quality of the blue fabric.
You'll also recall I don't fit these cute Prada vintage look satin shoes that I bought from Flannels. I'll try and sell them, the criss cross straps are just too tight, I can't even get them on my foot. The upper straps are fine and the front peep toe section...probably true to size in length. Again, love the heel.
A bargain buy from BrandAlley for these Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa Lady Dragon's at £29. The first time I've bought an opaque colour and they're also matte. They look great with black tights though, you wouldn't guess they were jelly shoes! True to size, size 38.
Remember the deliberation on which size to get of these New Look shoes? I played it safe and opted for a 39, they are slightly big at the front, although I don't know if the zip would have done up on a 38. They have to be the most ridiculously uncomfortable shoes ever though. Behind the polka dot chiffon is hard plastic (like the protective plastic you would get around childrens toys) and that is not going to be comfortable against your foot. In places it's slightly bent out of shape and so either juts out or digs into my foot. The jury is definitely still out on these, which is a shame because they look fantastic.
I think I recall telling you about the bargain buys of these Alice boots and Parkie platforms from Asos. Alice turned out to be the type that your toes curl under and you can't straighten them out. So I sent them back for a larger size (39). Parkie were impossibly small, I couldn't even get my foot in, so they also went back and had sold out, so I was unable to get a replacement which is killing me because they were gorgeous in the flesh. I keep checking ebay, hoping a pair will turn up. These boots are drop dead gorgeous though and so unsusual, I love that pleated leather. All 3 buckles open for ease.


  1. I have just purchased a pair of the black cat print mary janes from shoesone, their site is amazing price-wise but i really hope they dont mess up my order! will report back!they are a fab bargain though, think they are £35 in total! The miu miu ones that they are copying are £365!!!! As if!!! becki

    x x x

  2. OMG - am SO going to that Shoesone - you shouldn't have included pictures! ;-)
    Also, I bought those New Look ones in navy and had to return the as they're SO uncomfortable. Shame cos they're pretty...

  3. scratch that - Shoesone don't seem to go over a UK 6 :(

  4. booo, is that true?! i want the cat ones also!!

    i really want the new look pair too, but may hgive them a miss if they are that uncomfortable!

  5. Anon-hope they send the correct pair! I should be on commission, haha!

    Little Scribbler-what is it with that plastic? Such a stupid idea-have considered cutting it out as best as I can, don't know if it needs it for stability and if I would make it worse! With tights it was certainly more bearable for the photos I took.

    No hon, they don't do any bigger than a 39, mustn't be much call for larger sizes in Korea : (

  6. Ooooh -- lovely! Shoes are all fab but where did you get your tights?
    Cute beyond measure. xxx

  7. weeblackcat-thanks, the tights are Miss Selfridge and I stuck my thumb through them before these pics...first day wearing them, massive hole in the top now!

  8. Dear Princess,
    You say that the Miu Miu crystal sandals run a little big... I want to order the Pink Bird Ones I wear size 39 ...should i order 38 ?

  9. Hi Leila...they run just a little larger, to be honest it's quite hard to know as I bought several pairs and sometimes the 38 and 39 would measure the same other times the 38 bigger than the 39 or the correct way around! Unfortunately as well, I'm not sure they even have the pink in stock in a 38 or 39...they don't update their website to show which sizes are unavailable which is really frustrating. You can usually find some on ebay though. As they have the adjustable buckle strap, you probably should just stick with your regular size, hope this helps.


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