Friday, 17 December 2010

Santa, I've Been A Bad, Bad Girl...

I'm such a brat, seriously I am. It's just so difficult to avoid the fantastic sale bargains and pretty shoes that are out there just now (or is that just me?). I'm still due my sister money, but have managed to spend more than I've paid her this week. She should really take priority, but I have no willpower, it's true!
Secret Sales were stocking Kandee shoes this week at half price and remember the 2 pairs I really wanted? Well, I thought they wouldn't have them, it was a long shot, but they did. Unfortunately according to the Kandee site the blue studded pair run small, so they didn't have a 6 in stock and I really didn't want to risk spending £75 on the 5's if they didn't fit. They did however have both sizes of the super rare diamond pair. Although I'm sceptical as to how far these "only 60 pairs made worldwide" have stretched considering they're still in stock on the Kandee site and they've sold several pairs through this sale. They run true to size, but on the advice of my sister I ordered a 6, because if they're too large you can add insoles, if they're too small, you're stuck and I knew at rrp £269 I could probably never afford to buy them direct from Kandee if they didn't fit. I get Christmas money from my Grandad, so that should go toward that. I was a little annoyed that the day after I purchased them Secret Sales had an extra 10% off (could've saved £13.50), but oh well!
Miss Selfridge have added more items to their sale. I just happened to check their site and the tapestry shoes were reduced to £25 and only 2 pairs left in a size 5, so I bought them. I got some tights and jewellery too.
I still haven't bought the Pure courts from ASOS, as I cannot make up my mind which colour I prefer. I keep changing my mind. I'd still like your opinions on it! They are not as high risk for selling out though, so I reckon I'm safe to wait a few days. That same day, I noticed the Partytime glitter platforms that had sold out previously were back in stock. I dithered (secretly wanting to wait until tomorrow to use the Grazia 20% off code), but they sold out in all sizes that same day. I bookmarked the link and have been religiously checking it since. This morning, they had all sizes in stock again, but mostly only 1 pair of each size. I added both the 5 and 6 to my basket and did that stressy, refreshing the page thing every couple of hours to keep them reserved! I finally found a 10% off code and decided to go ahead and buy them. I bought both sizes, as I've renewed my Premier account, so will return the other pair for free (it's money tied up that I need though). I was pretty miffed that the Premier account seems like a waste of time right now as it wouldn't allow me the option of next day or nominated day delivery. I'm fed up of them grouping all of Scotland together (example, we've had bright sunshine here today and the streets are dry, although it's cold, my friend in Aberdeenshire is snowed in with no way of getting out and no public transport running). Although in saying that my Beatrix lipgloss has apparently been 'delayed due to adverse weather' since the 8th of December with no update since-it's stuck in Perth. Obviously it's more to do with backlog issues now than bad weather but it's really frustrating all the same.
Finally my friends at Shudoo have a fabulous offer currently with 25% off selected items (use code XMASSHUDOO until 22nd December). I've wanted the Jean Paul Gaultier Melissa sandals for a while now and planned on getting them soon as they were massively reduced in the sale (£160 down to £60). They also happened to be included in this 25% offer, so I got them for £45, bargain huh? I was so excited. It's always free delivery on the site and free returns too, which I love. So I have all these fabulous shoes to look forward to...if they ever turn up! In saying that, of the hundreds of pairs I own, I still can't think of a suitable pair for Granny's funeral next week. The cemetery is on a steep slope with gravel (chunky heels or wedges I'm thinking) but there are areas we are going with bad ice (ok none of my shoes will work on this)! What about you-bought any bargains recently? Or can you think of any of my shoes that may be suitable? I'm considering my Dolce & Gabbana wedges but they're only sandals, not exactly suitable for this time of year. I think I'll wear my Pearl Lowe black pleated dress with cream collar or else the 'Cherry' one I bought from the range recently.


  1. Those tapestry shoes are SO beautiful.

    Please don't think I'm being a miseryguts here but spending money you don't have is really not good, especially on non-essentials.

  2. I love the tapestry shoes very much, off to see if they have them in size 7...

  3. tsk tsk naughty girl! lol I know what you mean, I can't resist a good bargain....or a gorgeous pair of shoes! I also think the tapestry shoes are amazzing! :)

  4. I visited many blog posts of this site. They all are really very interesting. I have visited the Kandee shoes link also. There are awesome collection in shoes. I would like to buy one of them.
    Thanks for such adorable post.

  5. OH WHAT Kandee shoes on SALE??
    but I went to the site and they're normal price... is there really a secret I'm missing :(

    P.S. been reading your blog for awhile LOVE all the new shoe info I can find here but this is my first time commenting, I'm shy like that :)

  6. Alex, no I totally understand, hence the reason I've never opted for a credit card-I would be a complete nightmare!

    Penny, they did have them in a size 7, only those and 5's left when I ordered.

    Ooh my tapestry shoes have just arrived as I'm writing this, pics later!

    Lia, firstly, thanks for commenting on my blog, I really love to hear from you all! Secret Sales is one of these clubs you have to register with and they hold sales for a short period of time (usually a week or under) and I spotted they were doing Kandee! I wish I'd had time to blog about before or during the sale, for those that didn't know about it. I didn't expect them to have the styles I wanted, they had sold out of the peanut boots and I can't believe I managed to resist the blue studded sandals, but I'm 99% sure the 5's would be too small. I'll hopefully buy them direct from kandee at some point.

  7. boo, those tapestry heels are fab, but can't find them on the site now, whicjh i'm sure my bank balance will thank me for! :)


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