Monday, 20 December 2010

Shoe Haul Pics!!

Sorry I've neglected you the past few days. Here's some images of my latest shoe buys. The tapestry 'Ebony' platforms from Miss Selfridge arrived today and they're gorgeous. Even more lovely than the website pictures. They have quite a narrow toe but are comfortable, I was actually surprised that I fit the size 5 and can get them on and off without undoing the button (a must for me, as I hate those elasticated button thingies)! The heel height is just over 5" with a 1" platform. £25 well spent I say!
I've finally decided I'm wearing my Bertie 'Superstar' wedges to Granny's funeral on Wednesday. Ok, they're completely open so if the snow is still deep, my feet or toes will be soaked (obviously I'm wearing tights), but they have a rubber sole (no slips I hope) and the wedge heel is good for the ground I'll be walking on. They zip up the back, so you don't have to take out the buckles to slip them on and off. The heel measures 4 3/4".
Finally, surely you can see, why I lusted after these 'Parkie' shoes from ASOS? They are so chunky, the platform measures 1 3/4" and the heel is just over 5 1/2". Chanel eat your heart out! I finally found the perfect fit with a size up.


  1. Beautiful shoes!!! Want want want!

  2. Eek, those ASOS shoes are absolutely divine.

    Your poor toes on Wednesday!! Do you not have any closed toe wedges? We don't want you getting frostbite!!

  3. Loooove the tapestry shoes. Very envious!

  4. oh im so frustrated that the miss selfridge heels have sold out.. will be scouring ebay just in case :)

  5. I really want those tapestry shoes! Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks ladies, hopefully Miss Selfridge will get more, worth keeping checking as sometimes they get more stock later.

    Alex-I've come to the conclusion that almost all my wedges (or funeral worthy ones) are open, sandal types-at least these have rubber soles. Can't really rock up in my Irregular Choice poodle ankle boots!


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