Friday, 3 December 2010

Today I...

I took great pleasure in watching my neighbour panic that his car would be scratched by the JCB digger removing snow from our road today. He's parked in the same (exact) spot every day for as long as we've lived here (28 years), directly outside his front gate and yet today he had to walk (gasp) along the street purely because he didn't want his car wrecked! No sooner had the digger left and he was back out to move his car back into it's usual spot, too funny! God forbid he actually get a little exercise! I thought it was very mean making the primary schools here go back today considering they've been absent all week due to snow-on a Friday? That's just cruel! I thought the bad weather was over but actually it's lightly snowed practically all day and got heavier this afternoon, so there's a blanket over the streets again, it's never ending!

Mum and Dad braved the journey to Glasgow yesterday for a concert they're going to tonight. I asked Mum to pop in and get me some MAC items, seeing as a couple of things were sold out online and there isn't a counter nearer here. I've resisted A Tartan Tale this long, but managed to (quite easily) put together a list of 'wants' from the collection, although I definitely tried to be prudent (only one of any item). She managed to get me The Faerie Glen lipstick, Lightly Prancing Dazzleglass Creme, My Highland Honey blush (had a hard time as I wanted the pink one too) and Glamora Castle eyeshadow. Most of the Marcel Wanders couture collection had sold out by the time she left, so I asked her to pick up a couple of things from that too, but hadn't realised it was an online exclusive, silly me! It was quite funny because Mum has no clue about makeup, so I wrote a very detailed list and she lost it so had to phone me at the counter and couldn't hear, so she's saying 'Lightly Dancing'? 'Marcel Ponders'? Oh dear! Apparently she got the loot in a tartan drawstring bag which she thought I'd be super excited about considering MAC never freebie anything! I notice you can request that as Christmas gift wrapping online for £3.
Anyway in that time, the Martha lipstick from MW had sold out and that was the item I really wanted. I was about to start cursing MAC again after the Pink 4 Friday shizzle, but then suddenly they got extra stock last night (not of everything, but most of the collection). I wish they would decide when 'sold out' really means 'sold out'! I also noticed they will be getting more Pink 4 Friday on the 17th get behind me in the queue at five to midnight on the 16th! I didn't have any money until this morning, so had a rather sleepless night worrying that the MW stuff would be gone by the time I woke up. I checked Selfridges at 8am and the Pink 4 Friday was sold out (I had already decided I would wait for MAC as I didn't want to pay £4.95 p&p on one item, but still wanted to double check)! The swatches for MW are limited but I had decided on Martha as I said and Beatrix gloss which I kept changing my mind about but finally settled with, but it was still sold out (for real), so I also got Gertruyd lip gloss and heard good things about Digna lipstick so got that too to qualify for free shipping (ridiculous that 3 items came to over £50 but anyway..), that's my lot!
I then decided I would purchase from Estee Lauder too because they have so many good deals on right now, they're practically paying you to buy! (MAC take note). I got 1c1 Shell Double Wear foundation and think I'll try the Lancome Teint Miracle off my Boots points, seeing as I've become a foundation whore of late. I also got the winter 'Extravagant Berry' lipstick, which looks yummy! I chose 2 free samples at checkout (sun lotion and mascara), used the code Lips1 for free Signature lipstick (Chic Pink) and Fig lip liner (with any 2 purchases), picked free gift wrap, got free delivery and the most exciting incentive for me-this free Christmas bauble! I've really been wanting this, jeez I'm so sad to get excited by a bauble, but I reckon it's a cute and unique item! Heehee! Pretty cool huh? Click pic below to enlarge.

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