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Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Fairest In The Land Bag (Snow White) Review

[Handbag (and tights) gifted, views, shoes and photos my own] glitter dwarf handbag on rainbow cloud background
As I eagerly await the arrival of my Irregular Choice Disney Princesses order from last Friday (DPD is keeping me hanging until this evening unfortunately), I'm reviewing the Fairest In The Land Bag from the Snow White range.
This was one of the last teasers we saw on Wednesday, so I covered most of what I wanted to say there, but this time I have my own photos to share. This is a newer shaped bag like the current season Rainbow Thunder. We've seen several new shapes pop up over the past few seasons, with the likes of the box bag (Poodle Oo, Sundae Funday) and belt bag (Jitterbug, Bella Bunny) and this one fits between those. It's not as small or square as the belt bag but not as big as the box bag. I like the size (16 x 22 x 8cm), it's dinky but there's no odd shaping, so you can use the full capacity of it. angled bag sitting on rainbow cloud background showing metallic sides
The lower part is turquoise metallic, which is used in the strip up the back of the coordinating flats, Whistle While You Work (or Love To Whistle from the kids range). The upper part is a bright lilac metallic which edges the matching Seven Is Company heels. On the lower sides you'll see large gold, glitter stars and the bag is split into two main compartments, each opening and closing with a zip. Each side is separated inside, it doesn't open into one bigger bag. turquoise metallic base of handbag flatlaycorner of handbag close up with gold piping and turquoise metallictop of handbag lying down in lilac metallic with red handle close up of double zips on handbag with lilac metallic toplarge gold glitter star on side of turquoise metallic handbag
On the top, you'll see a short fixed red metallic handle with D-rings either side to attach the removable, longer strap. It's adjustable and comes in the same turquoise and red metallics with gold hardware.      top view of handbag in lilac metallic with red handle and gold hardwareclose up of red metallic short handle on lilac metallic baglong metallic adjustable strap on rainbow cloud backgroundclose up of gold clips on end of longer handbag strapclose up of adjustable longer strap for handbagback of Snow White handbag with longer detachable strap visible
The front of the bag is silver, chunky glitter, though as you'll see in the close-up there's oodles of multi-coloured flecks in it. This glitter is very predominant in this collection, used on those shoes I've already mentioned along with the heels of the two Evil Queen styles and the matching purse for this bag. It's really dazzling when you see it in real life. Six of the seven dwarfs work their way around the outer edges of the bag, mainly just their faces or upper body, whereas Dopey gets a full body applique in the centre. Even if you aren't au fait with each dwarf, it would be easy to guess who is who, as their faces are so full of character with Sneezy just about to sneeze, a very cheerful Happy, angry looking Grumpy and so on. It's nice to see so much colour in this part. front of glitter handbag with seven dwarfs faces on rainbow backgroundhandbag standing up with Disney dwarfs on frontclose up of silver glitter section on front of handbagDisney Dopey dwarf character applique on front of handbag
The bag is piped in gold metallic all around the front and back and when you turn over, like I said in the teaser, it's a completely different bag. The full back is taken up by a still from the film, with Snow White sitting in the woods with animals aplenty surrounding her. I couldn't resist photographing this in detail, because there's so many cute faces to see. I'm living for that grumpy expression on the deer behind Snow White! Along the top, in gold lettering is "Disney, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". It's beautiful. back of Disney handbag showing woodland scene from Snow Whitebag showing woodland scene from Disney Snow Whiteclose up of woodland scene on handbag showing Snow White with animals on her lapsquirrels, bunnies, racoons, chipmunks and birds in scene from Snow White on back of bagdeer, chipmunk and racoon scene close up on back of handbaggold lettering on back of handbag saying Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Inside is light blue metallic lining with a zipped pocket in one side and pouch in the other. You'll also see the brand labelling; heart shaped with with little birds and a bow and crown and "Disney Princess Collection by Irregular Choice" written. Even the tag is pretty, in a castle shape with the pastel rainbow stripes and "make your dreams happen" written across the top. When you see things like this, it reminds you that there's so much detail involved in these collections and nothing is missed out.  The only downside is because this is a Princesses collection, all the tags, boxes and soles are likely to be the same and if the clues (from that very first announcement image and subsequently the boxes and soles) are correct, I would desperately want an underwater themed box with Ariel's face on it for The Little Mermaid! Soles too! That said, I can more than live with the thought of possibly getting mermaid shoes and bags this year. Whilst on the subject (because it's been said so many times, but there's still confusion), there are four more Princesses in this range, but they'll follow throughout the rest of the year and I can assure you it isn't every week like I saw somebody say.  Irregular Choice wouldn't be that cruel to our finances!blue metallic lining inside handbag showing inner pouchinside blue metallic lining of bag with zipped pocketheart shaped label inside bag saying Disney Princess Collection by Irregular Choice rainbow striped castle shaped card tag with Irregular Choice and Disney brandingSnow White handbag with castle shaped tag on it on rainbow cloud background
I can't afford the other two Snow White bags this month, so will hopefully get those at some point. There was just one on the Mulan side and I did order that along with my boots. There's also still a couple of heels I want, but hopefully my list will be completed in time for the next Disney Princess instalment! I've shown the bag below for size reference and you can see just how much it changes depending on which side you wear it. The dwarf side is worn with The Seven Dwarfs Tights and Fantastic Fawn shoes, the back is Still The Fairest Tights and I've reviewed both pairs along with Mulan here if you missed it. legs wearing dwarf character tights with glitter fawn heeled shoes and dwarf glitter handbag on floor in backgroundlegs on floor wearing evil queen and snow white tights with snow white woodland scene handbag next to it

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  1. The bag is really lovely but I have to say, the tights are amazing!!!!x


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