Friday, 5 July 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Teaser Mulan

On Wednesday Irregular Choice announced the latest in their Disney collaboration portfolio, the Princesses collection. The first launches on July 26th, but there will be further collections throughout the rest of the year. Today, I have the first of the previews of what to expect at the end of the month and the first princess is Mulan. blue Disney Mulan themed ankle boots on white background
Be True To Who You Are (already loving the name), are a jaw-droppingly beautiful ankle boot. The detail and materials used in these is just stunning.
The uppers are a bold blue with lots of embroidered flowers and a sloped top. The large scalloped section is made from that 'scratched' metallic we've been seeing for the past few seasons, this time in a opalescent shade. There's embroidered swirls over the top of that, a little like on the unicorn heeled Dreams Come True from Family Reunion and actually the toe is shaped very like that style too. pair of ankle boots with Eastern inspired uppers and fan and tassel detail on sideclose up of toe of shoe with embroidered swirl detail
There's a large crackled metallic and embroidered fan detail down the side of one shoe, finished with a shocking pink tassel, hanging to the base of the boot. Gold metallic trims the top of the boot, with a small copper, scalloped edge. Disney Mulan heeled ankle boot with pink tassel and fan detail
Instead of the fan, the other boot features Mushu the dragon in large embroidery.  The boots fasten with a centre back zip.  inner and outer sides of ankle boots with Disney Mulan heels on white background embroidered Disney Mushu detail along inner side of ankle boot with Mulan heel
Then, we come to the heel, wow! It's a character, but not like we've seen before. Mulan comes in two different guises, standing against the central heel-a bit like the Minnie Mouse or Miss Piggy ones where they are incorporated into the heel rather than being the entire heel like Woody or Buzz Lightyear. The heel has a round base and is pale blue with carved flowers separating Mulan. The top of the heel, where it meets the sole is stunning as well, in the bright blue with painted flowers to mirror the rest of the boot. The pièce de résistance though, is that the heel rotates. It spins from the very top, so you can choose which Mulan you want facing out. Toy Story had the rotating toy block heels, which is the most similar thing we've seen. rotating double Mulan character heel on bootback view of ankle boots with spinning Mulan character heels
Soles, feature the Disney Princesses imagery we first saw on Wednesday, so I'm assuming all future collections will feature this too, rather than a specific sole for each character. The colouring happens to fit beautifully with this particular style anyway. Inside you'll see metallic and satin insoles, which again are created for the whole Disney Princesses collection. Irregular Choice Disney Princesses soles Irregular Choice insoles inside boots Disney Princesses branding
I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this is an incredible first sneak peek. I was struggling to contain my excitement throughout this post to be honest! The heel is amazing, I know a lot feel there's been a lack of character heels in recent Disney styles, so it's brilliant to see one featured here. Not only that, but it's a brand new concept with the double character and rotating feature. Irregular Choice just never fail to amaze! As for the uppers, they are so very tasteful to the film and character, but also they feel very Irregular Choice, who've always had a strong Eastern influence since very early designs. I'm floored already, I really am! So, keep Friday 26th July at 12pm free, that's when the first of the Princesses collection will launch (online and instore), including this style. Let me know below, what you think of the first reveal and check out my Instagram and Facebook for videos too.


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