Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Irregular Choice Disney: Announcement & My Collection

Irregular Choice announced their 8th Disney collection today, Toy Story! Woody and Bullseye from Disney Toy Story with Irregular Choice branding
Coming soon, this is the 6th character partnership we've seen (both Star Wars and Alice In Wonderland had 2 waves) and a collaboration with Pixar for the very first time. I really appreciate how diverse the ranges have been thus far. As "irregular" as Irregular Choice may be, they still manage to be very inclusive and aim for something for everyone in my opinion. The Disney umbrella itself is a broad one, so if you are a fan, that doesn't necessarily mean every story or character appeals to you. Star Wars for example I've never watched and have no interest in, yet there were shoes I liked.  I'm not the biggest Muppets fan, but that collection was my absolute favourite and I wanted everything from it.  So far Irregular Choice have chosen classic characters like Mickey & Minnie, a traditional Disney princess in the form of Cinderella. Something a little quirkier with Alice, a giant stand-alone franchise like Star Wars, then childlike and crazy with the most recent Muppets. So there's been a wide choice and it'll be interesting to see their take on a more 'modern', Pixar film.

I've bought something from every Disney release (some more than others) and I decided I had enough shoes now to give them their own space in the shoe room. Honestly IC are taking over the entire room, I should've just called it an Irregular Choice shoe room from the start! I have an entire Billy filled with character heels (and actually more are spread throughout the room), but there was quite a lot of Disney taking up room there, so I figured taking those out would free up more space for general character releases. Who am I kidding, it's filled already and there's still overspill.

As my energy is limited, I decided to gather photos of each Disney shoe I owned and work out the order I wanted in that way, before physically moving anything. I was determined to do it all by myself!  Both All Mad Here and Lost Your Muchness boots from Alice were too tall, but otherwise I had 24 pairs. Numbers divisible by 4 make me happy (because 4 pairs facing the same way fit on a shelf), so I went about organising. Mixing the Disney brands isn't a concern of mine, but I am aiming to organise the shoe room by a combination of colour, heel heights and style. I've found it neater that way, though it is harder work and more time consuming. Actually here, a lot mixed well with others, there seems to be a lot of blue (no surprise) and red or pink in my collection. I emptied the cabinet they were going into and started placing them in, but got to the last style on the penultimate shelf, only to realise they didn't fit! Hot Diggety Dog were the culprits and I know they are ankle boots, but it hadn't even crossed my mind they wouldn't fit, as the heel isn't that high and there's no platform.  Plus the Fierce Piggy ankle boots had gone in no problem. The issue was the ears at the top of the boot. Had Mickey and Minnie been meerkats instead of mice, the problem wouldn't have arisen! Ikea Billy bookcase with rows of Irregular Choice Disney shoes inside
I have my shelves at different heights (but the same all around the room) and double checked other rows, but nope, they weren't going in anywhere. It's no biggy, as I've since put them up on top of one of the units and they are a shoe that looks great from the side. It's just annoying as my plan had been going so well! Hey, it means if Toy Story have a black/red style, I have the perfect spot for them!  I've popped...I Don't Bite in there for now, so there's not a gap and I still have two rows beneath this with regular IC's in, so there's scope to extend when/if I need it. 
Irregular Choice red polka dot ankle boots with Mickey Mouse character
I couldn't decide if I wanted all the styles facing heel out or toe out, but there's a lot of non-character heels that are far more interesting from the front, so I've varied it.  It's a pity, none of the Miss Piggy heels for example are facing out, but I didn't like how it looked when I mixed heel/toe on the same shelf.  For someone not remotely suffering from OCD, I've become super pernickety over the years in this room!  Now that the Disney collections include bags (and I have many of those), I feel the need for a handbag display too.  I just need another extension on the house for that one!  I'll list all the styles below, if you were wondering about names.  How do you display your shoes? Are you excited to see the Toy Story collection?
shoe cabinet in shoe room with Irregular Choice Disney shoes behind glass doors
Star Wars (SW), Alice In Wonderland (A), Cinderella (C), Muppets (M), Mickey & Friends (MM). 
From left to right;
(Top) Row 1; Who In The World Am I? (A), R2D2 (SW), Floral Artoo (SW), Who In The World Am I? (A)
Row 2; Call Me Cinders (C), One Lump Or Two? (A), My Cup Of Tea (A), Sparkling Slipper (C).
Row 3; Louder Louder (M), Day Of The Trooper (SW), White Rabbit (A), Flowers Can't Talk (A).
Row 4; Sherbet Ice Cream (MM), Tropical Minnie (MM), Original Diva (M), All About Moi (M).
Row 5; Oh Boy! (MM), Supercouple (M), Fierce Piggy (M).
Row 6; Tea With Alice (A), Battle With Artoo (SW), Faith In Dreams (C), Once In Love (C).


  1. Hello again! I have a huge (and I mean HUGE) shoe collection, but mine is not even close to how organized yours is. I keep mine in plastic boxes because they’re easier to stack, and I organize them by brand (good idea organizing by color though!). When I have a picture I stick it to the front of the box, when I don’t (because I’ve been lazy lately to take pictures of the rest) I use a post it to write down the brand, name (if there is one) and style of the shoe (like “pump” or “ankle boots”), main color(s), any particular detail (like “stripes”, “floral”) and the size (useful when I need a more roomy shoe to wear with socks for example). I also add a star shaped sticker to classify them by heel height. Each sticker color corresponds to a height range, there are 5 different colors I believe. There are also those shoes that won’t fit in my standard boxes and those are the worst because I keep them in their original boxes and it’s super hard to organize them, since each box has a different shape and size.

  2. Your shoe room is so beautiful. I love the fact you have a Disney cupboard!!! One day, I would love to see the tour!!x
    The name Fierce Piggy makes me laugh!


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