Friday, 4 May 2018

Irregular Choice Disney Toy Story: Teaser 1

Hot off the news on Wednesday that Pixar's Toy Story will be the 8th Irregular Choice Disney collection, I have the first teasers for you. pair of Irregular Choice Toy Story shoes with blue character printed uppers, red bandana laces, cow print and Woody and Buzz heels

We are diving straight in there with a character heel, or rather two! The past couple of Disney releases have incorporated the character into a standard heel, which was a completely new shape, but we're going back to the traditional 'full' character heel this time. Buzz Lightyear and Woody Toy Story character heels on shoes with red stripe trim
You've Got A Friend In Me (the names of styles in this collection are adorable btw), feature Woody on one shoe and Buzz on the other (or "Buzza" as my nephew used to say). Both have cheeky faces, bursting with character, they are so fun. In a gloss finish with painted and carved features, there's not a single detail missing from the characters you are used to seeing on screen. side view of Buzz Lightyear heeled shoe facing Woody Toy Story shoe with blue print uppers and red bandana laces
The shoe itself is the classic shoe-boot shape from the likes of the Flopsy bunny heels, with small concealed platform and rounded, upturned toe. side view of Toy Story print shoe boot withred bandana lace and Buzz lightyear heel with TOY applique lettering in yellow
You have striking cow print with "Toy" and "Story" applique letters on the side of each shoe and an all-over Toy Story character print on the front. top view of pair of shoes with bandana laces coloured eyelets and cow print lining
I love the bandana tie instead of laces and if I can just draw your attention to the different coloured eyelets and trim on the tongue. Yellow on the Woody shoe and green on Buzz. close up of toy story character print toe of shoe with red bandana lace and green eyelets on white background
Then we have the Galactic Roundup tights. I had told myself I didn't need these, but after seeing them with the shoes (video here), I'm drooling! You know I bought some from the Muppets collection and have a couple of pairs from the main line and they are good quality, thick tights with no visible print 'join'. They come in one size and IC always state they fit up to a size 16. Toy Story packet of tights with characters from the movie Irregular Choice Toy Story tights on legsclose up of Toy Story tights with Jessie character
Are you excited to see the first peek?

Images courtesy of Irregular Choice/Disney.  

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