Friday, 11 May 2018

Irregular Choice Disney Toy Story: Teaser 2

Last week, I teased you with two brand new character heels (Woody and Buzz) from the new Irregular Choice/Disney Toy Story collection, along with patterned tights. This week, I have another couple of items to reveal, which I think you'll be very excited about. single shoe with Toy Story alien printed material, green glitter alien face across toe, sitting at an angle

Eternally Grateful Alien flats feature striking alien printed patterned uppers. The shimmering blue toe forms the spacesuit with a large alien face in sparkling green glitter with triple embroidered eyes and a band of rich metallic purple around the neckline.  The whole shoe is trimmed with gold piping and the alien face sits against the foot slightly.  close up of green glitter alien face across toe of shoe on white background
The purple metallic continues around the back of the shoe with a colourful embroidered planet, which is an incredible detail as it's the badge or logo on the chest of the spacesuit.  There's also a few gold stars and black patent trim. It's probably not visible here, but it's smooth with sporadic glitter and really pretty up-close.  single shoe sitting at angle from heel with purple metallic material, embroidered planet on side and gold glitter heel
There's a very small block heel in chunky gold glitter, which is always dazzling on the Disney flats! side view of single shoe in purple metallic with Toy Story alien printed material and glitter alien front
We get a proper look inside the shoe this week and this pair are purple metallic with the alien pattern on the sides. "Irregular Choice" is embroidered with "Disney Pixar" written in gold with the traditional Toy Story branding alongside. It's an added extra that many of the shoes differ in sole and insole patterns throughout this collection, so that's something to look out for. single shoe from top view showing purple insole and green glitter alien face across toe
If that isn't "oooooh" enough, there's the Eternally Grateful Bag. I love how inclusive the past few Disney collections have been. I know not everyone can afford a big bag or pair of shoes, but we've since had purses, tights last year and now pouches, which are more affordable. I have a couple from the main line and they are a decent enough sized clutch if huge bags aren't your...bag! alien printed pouch clutch bag with alien charm on zip and green glitter face
That beautiful all-over alien print dominates the front of the bag with the top of an alien head, again in green glitter with gold holographic trim and embroidered eyes, along the base. close up of green glitter alien face with embroidered eyes on front of clutch bag
Flip it over and you have a completely different side with the character print from last week's You've Got A Friend In Me shoes. There's "Toy Story" yellow letter applique, mirroring the design on the shoes and 3 googly eyes inspired by the aliens. back of clutch bag shown at angle in Disney Toy Story printed material with yellow applique letters and alien zip pull
The pouches have a full length zip-top and I absolutely adore the alien zip pull charm and gold glitter stars on the ends of the zip. There's never a detail missed with Irregular Choice. clutch bag sitting at angle with alien printed material and green glitter alien face at base of bag
Inside the pouch is beautifully finished in purple metallic to coordinate with your flats. The blue, green and purple colour-scheme is slightly unusual, but the only colours that make up the aliens and their outfits, so very fitting. From your responses to the initial teasers, I think these will be very popular items-I know my sister is already hoping the flats fit her tiny feet. close up of alien clutch bag slightly opened with purple lining and zip top
There's an absolutely brilliant video accompanying this preview, which I'll pop up on my Facebook, that definitely had me "ooooh claaaaw"ing! Also check out my Instagram for updates and get making that wishlist for May 25th when the collection launches online and instore.

Images courtesy of Irregular Choice/Disney Pixar.

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