Friday, 25 May 2018

Irregular Choice: Disney Toy Story Box

I feel I should start these posts with "howdy partner" or something similar! The new Irregular Choice Toy Story collection is now live, so I hope if you're reading this, you're getting on well with queueing/buying! I know how stressful it can be!  I have a little something to keep you going in the meantime and I really think IC have outdone themselves with this beautiful packaging. Jessie doll from Disney Toy Story wearing cowgirl hat with arms outstretched over shoe box
So, this is the beautiful box the Disney Toy Story footwear will come in. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it and I've been dying to show you it! The biggest reason being, it's not a traditional, signature IC, drawer-style box, but a lifty-lid one! Star Wars is the only other Disney collection to feature a non-drawer box and I adored that one too; it was like an old-fashioned doll box with the window bit. Anyway, this one has a similar theme, it appears to me that they wanted it to feel like a toy storage chest. It has that exciting "ooh what goodies are inside?" vibe to me.
It has a gloss finish and every single piece of the outer box is covered in imagery. I'll start with the lid, which you view in portrait. The background is similar to the current SS18 box (and sole), with all of the prints from the TS collection split into slices. There's the pale blue all-over character print, the pink cactus one with Jessie and Woody on Bullseye, which I really like. A galactic Buzz Lightyear, which is another favourite of mine and the cow print which features heavily throughout this collection. On top of that are full length Buzz and Woody figures saying "Not today Zurg!" and "Pull my string" respectively. "Buzz" and "Woody" letters are dotted around in a similar fashion to several of the shoes and bags. aerial view of Disney Toy Story Irregular Choice shoe boxJessie cowgirl doll head and shoulders with arms on top of Toy Story shoe box
The front of the box is the pink cactus print with Irregular Choice branding and your usual style name, image, code, size and colour information. front of shoe box with pink background and cactus print and shoe information boxes and Irregular Choice branding
The back has the Disney Pixar Toy Story branding atop the stitched cactus desert scene. back of shoe box with cactus desert scene and Toy Story Disney Pixar branding
Both longer sides of the box are different to one another. They feature the blue character print in the background with one side showing a close up of Hamm with "Andy" written beside it and the other showing Jessie and an alien face separated by the Toy Story branding.  As someone who was (and still is) doll obsessed, I really appreciate Andy's love for his toys in the films and I feel like I'm peeking inside his toy box that's he's scribbled and stuck stickers on.  I really think it's so lovely.    side of shoe box with Toy Story Hamm pig face and Andy written alongsideside of shoe box with Jessie and alien faces from Toy Story with branding in centre
There's more though! The base of the box is also patterned and this side is viewed landscape and features a similar split print to the lid. This time though the alien print is included and the blue character print excluded. The Disney Pixar Toy Story branding sits in the centre. base of shoe box with colourful Irregular Choice Toy Story prints in diagonal sectionsJessie cowgirl doll sitting and leaning against an Irregular Choice Toy Story shoe box
Inside you'll find sky printed tissue paper, just like the wallpaper in Andy's bedroom. small Jessie cowgirl figure lying on blue sky printed tissue paper
The whole thing is stunning, a definite collectors item in my opinion. I hope this has whetted your appetite for your own box(es) to arrive! Let me know what you think of it and what you've bought below. Keep an eye out for what was inside my box (sneaky look below), my full review will be on the blog shortly. pair of Toy Story boots sitting in front of shoe box with Jessie and Woody cowgirl and boy small toys sitting on the bootsWoody toy figure sitting on Woody ankle boot with Irregular Choice shoe box in backgroundJessie cowgirl toy figure sitting on top of Buzz Lightyear ankle boot with Irregular Choice shoe box in background


  1. They've done an amazing job with this collection, I think. SO many lovely details.

  2. They are sooooo detailed!!!


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