Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Irregular Choice Trixy Christmas Unicorn Heels

In the final part of my Irregular Choice Christmas character heel haul, I'm looking at the Trixy unicorn heels. If you've missed them, here are the links to Bunnykins bunny heels and Rudy Santa heels. Trixy are a style we've previously seen when the gold mirrored unicorn heels launched. They came in coral, black or turquoise. This time there was two colours to choose from, each with a different heel. The purple pair came with that same gold heel, whereas the green pair I bought featured a completely new 'colour changing' heel. Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels

It's made from that two-tone shimmering metallic, which flits from purple to green in the light. Actually sometimes you get both at once, with the other colour in the contours. It was a hard thing to see on camera and as I was fighting the lack of daylight and trying to photograph all three new pairs at once, I didn't have as long as I would've liked to capture it, but I think you can see it in some photos. The unicorn has the gold glitter horn we saw on the original heels. The heel is wedge like with an oval base and measures 4 3/4". I immediately fell in love with the heel and the two colours, so I was really eager to add this pair to my collection. This heel is definitely my favourite unicorn of the three varieties so far. Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels detail Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels side Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heel without flash Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heel with flash
The shoe design is similar to previous Trixy courts and also Bunnykins. They have a rounded, upturned toe and small concealed platform of just under an inch. I spoke about the peaks that sit against the foot yesterday and there's a large bow on the front. This time is green sequins. The purple pair have sequins that can be turned over from matte black to shiny pinks/purples. The main fabric is metallic green with a multi coloured slub throughout and the shoe is trimmed in gold. If Christmas was a shoe, it would be this pair!! They are soooo festive. That said, I don't think it would limit me in wearing them outside December at all. Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels front Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels back Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Shoe side Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heel toe detail Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heel bow detail Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn fabric close up
As a repeat style, Trixy came with a floral sole and matching box. The insole is a brown floral with the holographic snakeskin trim. Not as soft as my beloved purple velvet this season (!) but just as pretty. You can also see 'Iconic' embroidered inside.  Size wise, I opted for the size up and of the three pairs, they felt the smallest and therefore the better fit.  Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels insole Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels sole
I've decided to save the comparison post for tomorrow, because there are a fair few photos and I thought it would look a bit jumbled alongside these. You're being ruined with five Irregular Choice posts in a matter of days! I'd be hard pushed to pick a 'favourite' from these three shoes, I think they are all so different and each serves a different purpose. Rudy was the kitsch Christmas shoe, Bunnykins the winter wonderland and these are more traditional glitzy bauble type shoes. What do you think, could you pick a favourite of the three I've shown you?


  1. I think I like these the best. If the dark purple colorway had a similar heel and not the gold, I'd try to get them, but I have last year's black and gold ones already. Unfortunately, my small wardrobe has absolutely NO green, though.

    I've noticed that they like that color combo after using it on the Glissades as well, and hope they use more holo colors in the future.

    1. I'm surprised they chose one gold and one two-tone in the same 'collection'. My thoughts were similar to yours, it was the fabulous heel I was after most of all because I already had the gold.

  2. These are really beautiful, a definite work of art.x

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the colour of the heel, I think they squeak ahead of the bunnies to be my favourite. The Santa/Gnome heels just freak me out slightly.

    1. Haha, a lot of people would agree with the gnome/Santa!


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