Monday, 23 November 2015

Irregular Choice: Truly Magical

Never before has the name of a pair of shoes seemed so fitting. These shoes are truly magical. Actually the whole Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter collection is this year. I'm torn on picking 'favourites' or even narrowing down my wishlist to any sort of feasible or achievable length! After Tiny Ted (still haven't properly shown you them, have I?), these were the next pair on my list. Though now I have them in the flesh, I definitely couldn't choose between them and the teddies, they are both stunning. Irregular Choice Truly Magical AW15

They come in three colours, the red and black first and I fell in love with the red instantly. Then came the gold which have multi coloured bows and they were right up there with the red for me too. I've tried to prioritise by favourites and low stock levels (I'm one step away from designing a formula for it!), but for the past few years (since the introduction of the character heels) my money goes on those first and the main collection has had to wait. So I'm obviously struggling with that concept this season when there's so many 'must-haves' for me. The 5/38 had already gone (my usual size) and there was one pair of size 6/39 left, so I had to buy them or risk losing out. I figured I might need a larger size for the ankle and zip opening anyway, though I have previous styles with these shaped heels in both 5's and 6's. Irregular Choice Truly Magical
The 6/39 is actually a really good fit on me. A tiny bit big in the foot (really minimal), though very comfortable. I tend to find any shoe or boot with a back zip opening a little short in length and am always worried about catching my skin when using the zip. However I have no such worries with these in this size and think I'd need the bigger one as the top, around the ankle, just fits without digging in when closed. I heard somebody say they wanted to see these on someone with chunkier legs, so here I am wearing them for Shoesday Tuesday a few weeks ago. Although I'm plus size, I wouldn't say my legs are necessarily in proportion, they are a little smaller, so I think if you have really large lower legs (these are angled upwards slightly towards the back, but sit just above the ankle bone) then you might struggle to close them. There's no stretch or 'give' in that section. As you can see the main boot is red suedette with patent red and white polka dot sections, which I'm ahem 'dotty' about! Irregular Choice Truly Magical back Irregular Choice Truly Magical front Irregular Choice Truly Magical patent polka dot
Another love of mine are bows. Ever since I was really little, I had an obsession, so obviously these are right up my street. Just look at the millions (ok, 8) bows adorning the centre front of each shoe. The toe is really rounded and I guess we could get into a debate about whether these are shoes or boots. The sides are cut-out, had they been filled in, I'd have been "boots" all the way, but I'm calling them "shoes". Irregular Choice Truly Magical bows Irregular Choice Truly Magical toe
I tried so many times, but couldn't get the finish of the heel to come across in photos. It's not as bright or deep red as the rest of the shoe, but has a subtle shimmer throughout. Not really sparkly, it just creates a pearlised sheen, which is really pretty, but impossible to capture. You can probably see it better in that other blog post, where it looks like a pink sheen, that's the shimmer catching the light. I've said this dozens of times, but you honestly have no idea you are walking on a 'heel-less' heel.  Even when you are heavier like me.  They are very easy to balance and walk on, because it just feels like an ordinary stiletto. Irregular Choice Truly Magical heel
The sole features the adorable woodland animals and the inners are the super soft purple floral velvet with holographic snakeskin trim, which I can't rave enough about. The lining of the sides and back of the 't-bar' section are also in that snakeskin. Irregular Choice Truly Magical AW15 sole Irregular Choice Truly Magical AW15 insole Irregular Choice Truly Magical AW15 lining
There's honestly not a single aspect of these; fabrics, colour or shape, where I think "I wish it was like this or they hadn't done that", I truly love them and think they are perfect. Irregular Choice Truly Magical shoes Irregular Choice Truly Magical Irregular Choice Truly Magical shoe side
So yeah, sometimes you have to make sacrifices or tough decisions and where I'd have liked to have gone a little crazy with the Star Wars stuff, I instead opted for a pair that I just couldn't live without.  Irregular Choice Truly Magical and Forest Fantasy Irregular Choice Truly Magical shoes and Forest Fantasy bag
They look awesome with my Forest Fantasy bag, don't they?  I've also buckled and bought the gold Truly Magical after religiously stalking checking the one pair left in my size for the past few weeks online!  I literally hold my breath and half shut my eyes every time I choose the size and then let out a massive sigh of relief that they are still there!  A shoeaholic doesn't live an easy life!  Though when they are this spectacular, I can forgive the panic and stress.  Have you ever tried any of Irregular Choice's heel-less wedges?

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  1. I do like the colours lots!!! Not sure how I feel about lots of bows but they are so beautiful to look at!!x

  2. I love these shoes, I'm a sucker for red shoes in general but these are especially lovely.


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